Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket


Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket
$19.79 to $74.24
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Mount your drink holder directly to your Clutch or Brake Perch mounts. Quick detach thumb screw mount leaves a simple clamp when not in use & allows beverage to swivel when needed. Universal Basket Holder accepts most average sized cups, cans, bottles & mugs with a 2" to 3-1/2" diameter.

Choose Round H.Bar OR Clutch/Brake Perch Bolt Style Mount

Bolt Style mounts to handlebar clutch or brake clamp on most motorcycles like Harley, Gold Wing, Metric and most others using 2-hole bolt clamps for clutch or brake clamp on handlebars.
NOTE - Will NOT work on GL1800 Air Bag Models

52 Member Reviews

Decorah, IA
A Well Made Product

While the product is well made. The instructions leave a bit to be desired. There vague as they don't indicate the tools required to install the product. A installed picture would be a helpful addition.

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Slatington, PA

I had the Kruzer Kaddys before this but they only hold cans and small bottles, this holds so much more.

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Manhattan Beach, CA
The eviscerator!

Three comments:

1) Wish it was flat black like the rest of the handlebars.
2) Guaranteed to remove your internal organs in an accident .
3) Do not use with carbonated drinks as they exploded all over at the first bump .

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Apparently You Can't Make Everyone Happy

The cup holder is everything you could ask for. People complain it's too big. If they made it any smaller they would complain that the only cups that fit in it don't hold enough. They complain it's in the way, but if it was mounted out of the way they would complain it's hard to get to. As far as things vibrating loose on a Harley. I went for a ride with a friend on his new $40K Harley and he lost half the fasteners off his luggage carrier before we traveled the first hundred miles (he said he paid extra to be able to see his chrome shake when the bike idles). The cup holder is heavy duty, well made and functional. We haven't tried a cup yet that didn't fit. Even my wife's Yeti cup fit in it, although it wasn't as handy as the Congtigo cup we usually use.

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Kuwait, KW
The best cup holder

I had bought 4 kind because i was have 2004
Then i bought 2006
After I bought 2010
And now i install this holder in my 2014 goldwing
And that is the best holder i I bought it

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