6" 100 Watt Amplified Bass Tube Subwoofer

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6" 100 Watt Amplified Bass Tube Subwoofer
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GL1800 BTA6100 features a 6 inch dual voice coil subwoofer, and fits in places most subs can’t. The 6 inch works great behind the seat of small trucks, the trunks of sedans or hatchbacks. Simply point it into the rear corner to take advantage of the bass tubes enclosure, and you’re rockin’ in no time!

As all in one solutions go, you simply can’t beat the A100 Amplified Bass Tubes by Bazooka. Designed to be a simple-to-install, yet effective upgrade to your car’s existing mobile audio system, the A100 Bass Tubes feature a 100 watt, 2-channel amplifier built right in, coupled to a dual voice coil woofer.  If you wish to use the Bass Tube without the additional Bazooka Amp, some manual wiring is required.

Since the amplifier has a built in crossover to remove the high frequencies the woofer cannot play from the signal, you get exactly what you need in the A100’s—crisp, clean bass and nothing more. When connected to your system, the end result is seamless integration, both electrically and audibly, yielding sound quality your factory auto sound system simply can’t touch. Note - J&M High Performance Speakers Really Work GREAT with this system and are shown as Related Product On Page
Designed to fit 2001-2005 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles.

Note: In order to install Bass Tube by itself, some wiring and splicing is required!!

If you have OR want to purchase the separate Bazooka Amp also sold on our website SHOWN AS RELATED PRODUCT ON PAGE then purchase the Harness Kit that allows you to plug directly into that Bazooka Separate Amplifier. Please select from the drop down menu.

BTA6100 Specification
Measures 8" High x 6" Deep x 18" Wide
Power Handling --------------------------------- 100 watts
Power Output --------------------------------- 100 watts
Impedance --------------------------------- 2 ohms DVC
Frequency Response --------------------------------- 35HZ-85HZ
Battery Voltage Range --------------------------------- 10.5-14.4
Crossover Range --------------------------------- fixed @ 85 Hz
Remote Control --------------------------------- RBCM-100 Optional
RCA Input --------------------------------- yes
Hi Level Input --------------------------------- yes
Auto Turn On --------------------------------- yes
Subsonic Filter --------------------------------- yes
Voice Coil Size --------------------------------- 1.5" high power/high temp.
Magnet Weight --------------------------------- 28 oz.
Height --------------------------------- 8"
Length --------------------------------- 18"
Width --------------------------------- 6.750
Fuse --------------------------------- 7.5 amp Inline

5 Member Reviews

Ennis, TX
Circuit Problems

After I read some on the reviews I found out I was having the same problems as others.

They sold me the plug and play hardnes for $30 something but I did not use it since it had to be wired by high jacking the rear speaker. by luck the guy I used to install my subwoofer is a genius with this stuff and he had it working with in 4 hours. The sound is great when is working. Well after 10,000 miles of use the woofer stopped working and my installer found the problem. The subwoofer has two mother boards that are secured together by a screw, well the screw came lose fromthe vibrations from the sound. I contacted WIngstuff and they refered me to Bazooka. I wrote an email to them almost two months ago and no answer.

The sound is great but the customer service, the reliabily, and the lack of instructions SUCK!!!!

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Fort Worth, TX

I bought this sub about one year ago. Since then I have returned it for 3 times for replacements, Now it is not under warranty. Guess what it just stopped working again. I would not recommend this P.O.S to anyone.

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port saint lucie, FL

i love the sound with this,it does take up 1/2 your trunk,but i can take it out when needed in less than 30 seconds!installed in minutes with plug & play harness to my bazooka amp.

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Lillington, NC

Buyer Beware!!! After waiting a few weeks due to back order the sub and plug and play harness arrives. Ok I'm fine that delays happen that's not the point with my frustration. But what I'm not fine with is BS. Neither item came with installation instructions for installing on the goldwing. After waiting 30 minutes on the phone with wingstuff I ask them about the install instructions. They in turn re-direct me to Bazooka. If I buy a product from you, is it not your responsibility as the seller to ensure all related material is included unless specifically stipulated on the sales agreement? I called Bazooka and talked to them about the sub tube and harness and find out from them that the plug and play harness wingstuff is recommending with the sub tube is for connection to a Bazooka AMP not direct to the Honda radio. After reviewing the page for the sub tube on the wingstuff web site very carefully there is no mention anywhere on the page that the recommended harness is for connecting to an AMP only. Or is any warning present letting buyers know you will not be able to use this product by itself but will have to purchase an AMP sold separately. So for those like myself just wanting to add a little more bass without having to add an extra AMP be warned about the outright lies, misleading claims, and lacking support you will have to go through just to get it installed correctly.

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Dekalb, IL

I purchased this along with the Bazooka amp upgrade kit. I was a little taken back when the box was delivered. This thing is HUGE! Takes up 1/2 your trunk space which is why I could only give it 4 stars but the sound is AMAZING. You need to drill a 3" vent hole on the inner back panel of the trunk by the lock so the pressure has somewhere to go but trunk is still sealed from outside elements. Strap mounts screw to the bottom inside trunk for easy removal when you need the full trunk space. At first I thought maybe I would just have this plugged in when cruzing around town but I got so use to the full sound I don't want to take it out so I purchased the RIVCO cooler rack for an extra bag to add on the back and make up for some of the lost trunk space. If you want the low end your sound system just can't deliver, this is the solution - and then some! There is also an optional remote bass control that can be purchased from Bazooka for those that like to fine tune for different music styles. I love the sound this thing adds to the audio system, just wish it wasn't so big or there was a better place to mount it.

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