Battlax BT45 Sport Touring + Trike Tires


Battlax BT45 Sport Touring + Trike Tires
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High performance bias ply. Silica compound for improved wet and dry grip. Dual tread compound on rear tire for longer life and better traction when cornering. Larger crown radius for greater stability and extended tread life. H speed rated. Tubeless. Very popular among motorcycle trike owners as a front Trike Tire.

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Time for another one

2008 GL1800 I run this on the front of my non-trike Goldwing, direction reversed.
22500k on this one I could probably get a couple more thousand but heading to the Smokies next month.
Now if wingstuff just sold a RF CT!

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Saratoga Springs, NY
battlax tire

I just had this tire put on my trike. The first 100 miles made a big difference in the feel and ride. We will see how long it lasts. My last tire had 18000 on it and I got a flat. I could have gotten another 1000 or 2000 out of it, but not worth the fix. I noticed the snow tire sound was gone right away on this tire. My friends have tried this tire and love the ride and the mileage . We will see how long it lasts on my CSC Cobra XL.

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banning, CA
Tire review

This is the best tire yet ! I have tried all other brands over the last 206000 miles

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Temecula, CA
BT 45, Best for Trikes

The Battlax, BT 45, 130/70/H18 is by far the best tire I have ever had on my Champion, Goldwing Trike. Remember, this is a rear tire with wider profile. I reversed the rotation. I now have 12,700 miles on the front tire and it shows little wear. The new tire had 7mm of tread, it now has 5mm of tread remaining. In 12,700 miles of varied road, I have used only 2mm of tread. That's approximately 1/8th inch of tread used in 12,700 miles. I fully expect to get over 20k safe miles on this tire. The tire tracks true, with softer ride and reacts well on wet pavement and in high winds. Can't recommend this tire more. Good luck, safe riding.

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Albertville, AL

I use the 130/70H18 on my '09 GL1800 Hannigan trike and am very happy with the tire. I now have 20,200 miles on this tire and believe I can get at least another 2,000 miles before I have to replace it.

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