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Fork Brace
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The Traxxion Dynamics GL1800 Fork Brace is designed and manufactured to increase the rigidity of the steeering of the GL1800 without creating any additional stiction in the forks. Available in black or polished finish. Designed with special slotted centering holes so it's impossible to put the forks into a bind when installed properly.

With a common two-piece design, it is impossible to allow for machining and assembly tolerances which can lead to very high levels of stiction, poor suspension feel, worn bushings, and premature fork seal leaks. You will have less flex at parking lot speeds and additional stability on the highway. NOT AVAILABLE FOR AIRBAG MODEL GL1800.

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Peachland, CA
will damage your fork seals and bushings

My brace slipped a little out of alignment and cost me $500 to re and re the fork seals and bushings. The Shop told me to throw it out. If the Goldwing needed a fork brace they'd put one on at the factory.

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Hamilton, OH
A must for dirt bikes

Fork Braces in general are designed to aid with tube flex which is typical with dirt bikes and landings from hill jumps. When you look at the design of the GL1800 the placement of a Fork Brace is right above the upper slider bushing and the main fork housing. Factor in the tube wall thickness and if you have ever replaced a fork tube do to scratches/seal leaks the old tube can be used as a breaker bar extension. Case in point is ride with a brace for hundreds of miles and take it off and ride for hundreds of miles. The feeling that you will have is one that your pockets are a bit more empty as tube flex can't be felt nor displayed. Oh did I mention that wear to the upper & lower bushing continue with or without a brace installed. Bottom line, save your money with all after market fork braces and invest with suspension upgrades.

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Proctorville, OH
Doesn't fit.

1. The notch on the right side of the brace(as you look at it) is not deep enough, preventing the brace to be leveled.
3. The physical size the brace prevents the front half of the fender from being installed.
4. The fork seal cover can not be re-installed.
Why would a suspension company make a product that exposes the fork seals to the weather? I'm not sure how the rest of the reviewers got their braces installed, but mine just doesn't fit.

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This works well, I modified the (drivers side) notch to fit better & then trimed the brake line bracket to make it fit lower on lower fork legs.
How well this works I'm not to sure because I installed the upper & lower triple clamps & roller bearings from these folks. ( lower race on my bike had a metal shaving under it) Low speed handling, is much improved. (I live on dirt & gravel road)

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Timberlake, NC

this is what it takes to help complete the full Traxxion system, with fork shields. See my complete review on the AK-20 page.

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