Passenger Drink Holder

Passenger cup holder

Purchased this item about three years ago. Very functional but the chrome has rusted and pitted. Either bad batch or cheap chrome. I have several other kurykyn accessories with no complaints.

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Kathleen, GA
Perfect cup Holder

I bought this cup holder from Wing Stuff five years ago, it has faded a bit but it has been a great asset to my passenger. She loves it, nothing and I mean nothing she shoves in there from a water bottle to her cell phone has ever fallen out. Always fits and the rubber spikes which hold items in the holder have survived the test of time and weather. Excellent product and when the time comes to replace it, I'm buying the same cup holder again.

Thanks Kuryakyn and Wing Stuff

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Suffolk, VA
Sharp and functional

Installed this on my '07 and my wife and I went to Starbucks to get matching tumblers the next day. Other reviewers talked about the bottom rubbing the saddlebag and with a 16oz bottle it would drag a little but we used the same tumblers all the time and never had any issues. I wish it mounted just a bit higher and I would have given 5 stars. It is so much easier for her to have her own drink and now I don't have to hand it to her over my shoulder. Love it!

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Fremont, CA
Nice holder, poor instructions

The cup holder fits well, and looks good.

The instructions are a mystery. The product includes two shim washers and a 5/8 lock washer, but the instructions never show or tell where to use them. I used the lock washer between the bolt head and mount, but it was just a good guess. Read the instruction PDF, you'll see what I mean. I never like having pieces left over.

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Big O
Kissimmee, FL
No clutter

If you don't like mounting things to your handle bars, like myself, but you want to store a drink for your ride then this is the best and decent looking option for you.
Install couldn't be any easier. One bolt to change out and done. Enjoy

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My wife loved it but only after one 5,700 mile trip. We have no long term experience with it so cannot comment on chrome. Personally I like the Butler cup but my wife loved this one.

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The Dalles, OR

So I'll start be saying we loved the look and the versatility for the item. It worked great and my only concern was what happens after a year or two in the weather.

Then I took the seat off and found a nice black scuff from the bottom of the drink holder. WOW was my wife pissed!!! I tried to reposition it and ever way we tried the bottom would touch when someting was put into the drink holder.

Again looks great and the versatility is even better but there is a good chance of scuffing the saddle bag.

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new llano, LA
Passenger Drink Holder

Bought this for the wide before our long ride up north. I tried alternatives and nothing like the real thing. If you ride with any passenger a must have. A goldwing is an awesome experience in itself as my wife says this just makes the comfort even more of a luxury. The product is excellent.

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Virginia Beach, VA
Follow up review

I purchased this at Wing Ding in 2011 from Wingstuff and within a year, the chrome on the top and underside was rusting. The top was just noticeable and the underside looked like a it was completely rusting through with not a single iota of clean metal. Wingstuff replaced the part for me and it has been another year. Guess what- its rusting just as bad. As I really don't want to go through the new part shuffle every year I may clean it up and paint it black to stop the rust.

As a cup holder, this is great and my wife loves it for our trips. As far as a quality product from Kuryakyn, good luck. I've had 2 now and both have the same results. For the price I would think they would give you something that wouldn't rust as easily.

As far as Wingstuff's customer service, they are great. However, I do not see the point in returning this for a second time as its not Wingstuff's fault that Kuryakyn can't get their quality up to a good standard.

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Saratoga Springs, NY
passenger drink holder

Installation was not a problem and it cleared the fender on my CSC Cobra XL trike. My wife loves it and also uses it for storing maps and things on our travels. I do not know how long the basket will last. I guess is it can be replaced. It seemed a little steep in price, but you get what you pay for, and it looks to be top quality.

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