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Passenger Drink Holder
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GL1800 Passenger Drink Holder mounts to either the right or left seat handle where it is out of the way, but still within easy reach. Holds a variety of containers from 2" to 3-1/2" in diameter & is easily removed when not in use. Nice looking and practical, mounts in minutes to eliminates your important passenger from getting thirsty. Travel Mug pictured sold separately as Related Product on page.

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Bath, IN
Wrong hardware for f6b

The included 130 mm bolt is about an inch too long to fit a 2013 f6b. You'll run out of threads long before it gets tight. Plan on mounting it with a crappy galvanized hex head bolt from the hardware store. Overpriced with crappy hardware, but sadly about our only option for an f6b.

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Passenger cup holder

Purchased this item about three years ago. Very functional but the chrome has rusted and pitted. Either bad batch or cheap chrome. I have several other kurykyn accessories with no complaints.

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Kathleen, GA
Perfect cup Holder

I bought this cup holder from Wing Stuff five years ago, it has faded a bit but it has been a great asset to my passenger. She loves it, nothing and I mean nothing she shoves in there from a water bottle to her cell phone has ever fallen out. Always fits and the rubber spikes which hold items in the holder have survived the test of time and weather. Excellent product and when the time comes to replace it, I'm buying the same cup holder again.

Thanks Kuryakyn and Wing Stuff

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Suffolk, VA
Sharp and functional

Installed this on my '07 and my wife and I went to Starbucks to get matching tumblers the next day. Other reviewers talked about the bottom rubbing the saddlebag and with a 16oz bottle it would drag a little but we used the same tumblers all the time and never had any issues. I wish it mounted just a bit higher and I would have given 5 stars. It is so much easier for her to have her own drink and now I don't have to hand it to her over my shoulder. Love it!

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Fremont, CA
Nice holder, poor instructions

The cup holder fits well, and looks good.

The instructions are a mystery. The product includes two shim washers and a 5/8 lock washer, but the instructions never show or tell where to use them. I used the lock washer between the bolt head and mount, but it was just a good guess. Read the instruction PDF, you'll see what I mean. I never like having pieces left over.

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