Shark Skin Chrome Radiator Side Mesh


Shark Skin Chrome Radiator Side Mesh
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Shark Skin Chrome Radiator Side Mesh replaces dull black stock radiator accents on your Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. These direct replacement GL1800 chrome accents create a nice custom look on your bike.

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Virginia Beach, VA
Nice addition

My wife got me these for Christmas after seeing them on my wishlist and they look great! Install went smooth with the included instructions, take your time and understand this is not an easily accessible spot on the bike. Took me about 30 minutes to install them so not overly complicated.

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Adelaide, AU
A Sharks Tale

Boy, was this tricky to install! Removing the OEM mesh was really easy. I did not completely remove the covers or the shelter. I removed the moldings and shelter screws on both sides, removed both fairing pockets to give me more room and then carefully pulled the covers away to slide the OEM mesh out.

Sliding the chrome mesh in was a little bit more tricky but went in easy enough. Fitting the mesh onto the tangs was a different story.

Just make sure you read all of the instructions before you start and you'll be fine. It took me about 30 min of wrestling to get both in without breaking or bending anything, but minus some skin from your hands. Perhaps gloves is the way to go.

After all the swearing and lost skin, you'll be rewarded with a MUCH better look compared to the OEM mesh. It really helps highlighting the chrome fairing accents (see my review for item# BB52682).

I'm very happy with the results.

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Sumter, SC

Out of the 3 manufacturers that I've seen (Show Chrome,Add On,Kuryakyn), I liked the Kuryakyn best. The instructions are pretty 'right-on' if you have any mechanical inclination. I have never installed anything Kuryakyn made that the instructions weren't direct and helpful. I read the instructions a couple times to get the 'gest' of what I was doing,then put them away and went at it. It really wasn't that hard to install. Just "TAKE YOUR TIME". Use caution around your radiator fins.

These grates make a really cool accessory to my 1800. Along with the Radiator Chrome Accent, makes the side view of the bike, "Oooo-La-La" !! Recommend them highly.

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St. Clair Beach, CA

I replaced the stock black plastic grills with these chrome ones. The difference is like night and day. They are a bit of work to get at but once the fairing is apart it's an easy job to make the switch. I did mine on a rainy day. I would do it again if I had to. Very easy to keep clean.

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Chicago, IL

Nice back ground effect if you light up the fairing grill as I did on my 09 GL1800. Makes the shark gills look very nice. Took some time to install though.

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