Plug & Play Wire Harness w/Relay


Plug & Play Wire Harness w/Relay
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For GL1800. Safely & properly apply the load from the trailer lighting to the battery & not to the rest of the bike's wiring/relays/fuses with these Trailer Wiring Harnesses with Relays. Plug-&-Play kit plugs inline underneath your seat to the bikes main rear harness. Connects directly to your battery & wires to your trailer plug. Add the 5 to 4 Converter for trailers with 4-wire connectors & it plugs right inline to the Küryakyn Trailer Wiring Harness & Relay. This is the easiest wiring you will ever do!

NOTE: 5 into 4 Wire Converter sold separately for trailers with 4-wire connectors that plug into ANY brand trailer wire harness kit and shown on page as Related Product On

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Yukon, OK
Lasted for 2 years, then snap goes the fuse.

Mine lasted about two years before developing a dead short to ground in the stop lamp circuit.
I had decided to go for a ride one nice day and did a tclock on the bike to discover that there were no stop lights and the stop light fuse was blown.
Traced short to the harness. Contacted Kuryaky and they said although a rare condition that they suspected something shorted in the sealed black box electronics of the harness.
Warranty is for one year, and they did offer a 30% discount if I wanted another one.
Sadly enough I do feel this harness is one of the better ones available especially if you need to convert from a 5 to 4 wire trailer connection.

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Tucson, AZ
Easy Install

Ordered this on tuesday got it on thursday. Great service. Install took about 1 hour. Installed the kury hitch also. Total for both was right at 3 hours. Take your time, read the instructions. Everything worked first shot. Good product and service from Wingsruff, as usual.

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Not so lucky

This may be rather lenghty, but hopefully will save others the frustrations I experienced. I recently ordered the vertical hitch (7647) and this wiring harness from Wingstuff. The hitch went on beautifully and I'm very satisfied. The wiring harness is another story. During installation, followed instructions step by step. Got to the point that said to test the connection and got nothing. Had power going into relay box, but not coming out of it. Believing it was defective, called Wingstuff. They had me call Kuryaken Tech to get authorization to return to Wingstuff (disappointed in this procedure, as it was left to me to get the authorization and then call Wingstuff back, saying Kuryaken had authorized - I believe I should have only had to deal with Wingstuff). New harness was sent. Experienced exact same problem. Called Kuryaken tech and was told I had outdated instructions and to get latest online. So, this is first problem - not including accurate instructions with product). Finally got harness correctly installed. Next step was to attach 5-wire to 4-wire converter to enable 4-wire connection plug to trailer. Went to local NAPA store to get converter. Got it hooked up and did not work properly. Thinking it was defective, returned it for replacement. Replacement didn't work. Finally, it total frustration, made appointment at my Honda dealer to finish the job. They called me saying same thing - they thought converter I had was defective. After a lot of work on their part, they discovered it took a special proprietary converter....Kuryaken instructions say to use ANY 5-wire to 4-wire converter....WRONG!!! Bottom line, took 2 weeks and 4-hour shop bill (over $300) at Honda dealer to get wiring harness installed. Guess all the folks that report very easy installation had an inside track that I didn't have, but unless you're super savvy at wiring this, it's not a piece of cake. I found it to be a chicken rodeo. $269 for hitch, $100 in wiring parts and $300 in wiring labor plus many hours of labor outside of Honda dealer.

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Virginia Beach, VA
Easy install

I think it took me less than 30 minutes to install this harness total. It actually took more time to tie in the flat connector for the trailer than it did to install this relay harness. Granted, I'm a bit anal and soldered all the connections on the flat connector but this product is great.

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Washington, UT
good stuff.

This harness worked as advertised, plug and play worth the extra $ as it is a grounded system. Also they have you check the voltages after a few steps to make sure you are good. A good product and good quality. A cheaper harness blew fuses on my bike and the relay that is supposed to protect the bike really did not.

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  • GL1800 2001-2010
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