Black Flys Clear Adjustable Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Black Flys

Black Flys Clear Adjustable Motorcycle Riding Glasses
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Motorcycle Eyewear - Black Flys Clear Safety Glasses have a stylish wrap design for protecting eyes while riding. Clear lense for day or night riding. Feature lightweight, durable high impact clear lense with telescopic adjustable temples. ANSI Z87.1 high impact certification.

These are Original Black Flys, unlike other cheaply made glasses that may look similar, but are poor quality compared to these higher quality Black Fly motorcycle riding glasses.

Black telescopic side temples and high impact clear lense make these a great choice among motorcycle riders.

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Baxter, MN

Love the way these fit and keep out the rain. My only trouble is getting them away from my 'backseater'. Just ordered another set.

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