Dunlop D250 Tires for GL1800


Dunlop D250 Tires for GL1800
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O.E. replacement for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing®. Front compound designed for longer tire life without sacrificing cornering grip. Rear tread pattern designed for optimal traction and longer life. Rear tread pattern engineered for a quiet and comfortable ride. Tubeless.

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Ottawa, CA
Great Tires

I'm on my 2nd set of D250's and have had no issues at all. On the 1st set I put 13K miles and could have done more however changed them before going on a long trip.

With the 2nd set I installed the Centramatic balancers. So far I have over 10K miles on them and am sure I will get over 20K miles. Love the ride and find them very quiet.

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Downey, CA

This is the second Dunlop tire that broke a belt inside the tire on a sharp lean turn at slow speed. the result is the front of the bike wobbles and then the tire wears to the belts with in 100 miles. If you are not aware of this please BE AWARE!!! this results in lost of control and for me a crash in the middle of Texas and today the second Dunlop that I learned this from is on the back of my bike... thinking it is a well know problem with the goldwing -I rode the bike home some 200 miles fighting the handle bars - I totally rebuilt the front end of the Wing and it still wobbled - Then I found it -This REAR Tire was TRASHED rubber off in three places cords showing. -Ready to fly apart.

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