Driver Stainless Drink Holder w/Chrome Mnt


Driver Stainless Drink Holder w/Chrome Mnt
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Unique machined bracket fastens securely to the handlebar controls on either the GL1500 or GL1800. Includes 16-ounce stainless cup with a chrome bracket and ring, this is our most beautiful cup and holder that fits any Honda GL1500 and GL1800 Gold Wing.

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James A.
Bayonne, NJ
Another great product

Super handy and looks good. Very well made. It's second one for my second Goldwing. Very easy to install

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Papa Rick
Tallahassee, FL
Cup Fell Out!

This holder was already installed on a used GL1800 Trike I bought last week. It worked GREAT until I visited a friend who lives on a dirt road. I hit a bump and the cup holder suddenly rotated to the left (I didn't know it could rotate, or why it would), the cup fell out, spilled my water all over the gas tank and my right leg. The metal cup continued to the ground where my rear tire ran over and crushed it! I'm now looking for an alternative, and larger, cup holder.

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Drivers Drink Holder & Cup

Haven't got to use it yet. Got it yesterday went to mount it and the only set of screws that were metric was the middle set which is just a bit too long. Wrote wingstuff and they don't carry just the screws but offered a credit. So will have to look around for some chrome shims so the screws that are metric won't bottom out. Oh and the ring doesn't sit level with the bike upright which will bug the heck out of me. Not a good start for my first order.

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Crystal City, MO
Driver Stainless Drink Holder w/Chrome Mnt +++

Got it Mounted it and like it!!! Easy install and keeps my coffee hot for about 60 to 75 minutes, usually its gone before it would have the chance to cool off. As far as it being in my way...No complaints to talk of. Chrome finish is good and mug sits in holder snuggly.

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wichita falls , TX
Kury Mount and cup for GL-1800

OK in a pinch - if you want liquid to leak on you during the ride while the cup rotates slightly to the left or right. I've had this product for about a year now. Always carried the cup in my trunk until needed. The cup holder looks good but it mounts too close to the left high accessory switch panel, making it impossible to tighten down the cup holder "tilt" unless the holder is dismounted. Additionally, the cup doesn't insulate worth a crap, and it leaks due to a bad seal. Always has. My solution was to accept the inability to tighten down the mount's oscillation and I purchased a Thermos SIP cup will does not leak. Better yet, the SIP mug maintains hot and cold liquids for many, many hours. I would not buy this drink holder again....

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