Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter

Woodbine, MD
Great Addition

I installed these about 1 year ago. They installed in about 30 minutes and I used the blue Loctite to keep things tight. It took a couple of tries to get the brake pedal set to the desired height but that wasn't difficult. I can’t believe the difference they made in the ride and comfort level and wish I would have installed them when I first purchased my GW in 2008. After a year they still look and feel great. If there was only 1 item I was going to buy to improve the comfort of my ride, these are it.

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Norman, OK
Boards sit back a little, but comfortable

I don't like the stock pegs on the Wing. My old feet like the full length rest. I traded a VTX1800 for the Wing, so was spoiled to floorboards and heel/toe shifter. I put these on my Wing the first day, 70,000 miles ago, and have been very satisfied. WARNING---- DO NOT TIGHTEN the mounting bolt for the shifter. Some play is required in order for the shifter to work. LocTite, as noted below, would be a singularly bad plan. I have not scraped the boards while turning, but I ride conservatively. Boards are not for everyone, but I like them a lot.

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rockwood, TN
good addition

they installled in about 1 hour i wish they were lower im 6-4 34inch inseam they are a little uncomfortabe on a long trip but overall work good

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Dayton, OH
Took some getting used too

Installed these a couple months ago. At first I wanted to send them back, just didn't feel right. What I found is that on long rides the extra movement is fantastic. I still prefer the pegs if I'm doing the winding back roads of KY. But overall exspecially for touring they are a must have.

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Atlantic City, NJ
Kuryakn Footpegs

Didn't like rear foot placement. Too high for my liking. Used to my VTX & Harley heel toe setup. Much more comfortable to me. Sent them back.

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Driver Floorboards

I installed them on my 2012 GOLDWING.I like them a lot ,and they look good. Instructions and video made this an easy instillation.no dealer needed..As for putting down the side stand.just raise the floorboard up with your foot and flip down the side stand...easy...

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Smyrna, GA
Kuryakyn heel toe shifters

I purchased these for my 2008 Goldwing and had them installed at a local dealer in NJ. The idiot put the red lock tight on the bolts. Word to the wise, never put red lock tight on aluminum parts. The arm on the shifter would stay slightly engaged, causing the shift rod to burn, thus causing the gears to burn out. When riding, the bike would fall out of gear and make the loudest, most horrible sound you'd ever want to hear. Honda will not honor the warranty with the boards on and it cost over $4500 to replace the system. Lucky for me I had my boards taken off. I will never use those boards ever again, to much of a headache, although they made the ride comfortable, but to fix this problem took too much time and who want to be without their Wing for 2 months.

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Sebastian, FL
Bent shifter

I have bent my 1800 OEM shifter arm twice with these floorboards and shifter. It should be made the way it was on the 1500 with direct linkage. Never had a problem with those floorboards. Also like others said I can not remove the side covers.

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Roslindale, MA
Sweet but ..

I like them but they impede ability to remove the cover to fill the coolant, alternator, etc. I have to remove the shifter. bummer

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1800 floor boards wi heel/ shifter

Grear boards, easy install, super quality. However, a pain to get at the side-stand. So, I bought the extension as suggested. It is a waste of money. I am surprised that Kuryakyn puts their name on it.Then I saw the special big-foot chrome kick-stand. It is wonderful, HOWEVER, it lacks thoughtful design. It is no easier to get at then the original! A very easy fix for the manufacturer . I was able to modify mine. I used 1/8" polished stainless plate that I cut to the shape of the foot, with an extra 1/2" X 1.5" piece out the pointed end. This I stuck to th bottom of the flat foot, and bent the extension up at 30deg. Over this extension, I forced on a piece of gas-line black hose. With the stand up, the rubber-covered extension now protrudes past the floor-board by about .3", and so is easy to find to kick down. With the stainless steel, you can polish it up to look like chrome. Looks like it belongs there. SO much easier now!

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