Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter

Canton, NC
Stupid Instructions

When installing them, note that the toe shift "knob" is packaged separately, and the heel shift knob is pre-installed. Ensure that the heel knob is facing the correct direction, and that you install the toe knob before you bolt this on the bike. (They are not mentioned in the instructions). Had to install it twice because of this oversight. I agree that there is not much freedom of movement with the left side. Can anybody tell me what the "deployment hooks" do?

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Good and Bad

I have had these installed for about 4 months now. The quality is very good with solid castings, flawless chrome plating and durable rubber inserts. Shift pegs are made from solid stainless steel to eliminate the possibility of corrosion for these high contact wear surfaces. The floorboards are hinged to allow movement on tight turns. Kuryakyn put a wear pad under each floor board to eliminate contact between the chrome plated floor board and the road. If the Chrome plating is breached the underlying material will corrode. Time will tell if the chrome plating will hold up. The hinge also allows quick and easy access to the kick stand under the left floorboard.

On the negative side it took some time to become comfortable with the heal / toe shift arrangement. This is not a knock against the product, rather a note to those who are accustomed to toe upshifting. Once these are installed you cannot use the front peg to upshift. The floor boards are too close to the shift peg to hook your foot underneath. I purchased these boards to allow for multiple foot positions on long rides. In that respect the right-side floor board works well. The board size is reasonably large and allows for numerous foot positions. However, the design of the left side floorboard with the heal / toe shifter failed to meet expectations. The front and rear shift pegs are too long and extend almost the full width of the board. My feet are a fairly standard size 11 and my footware barely fits between the heal and toe shifter. The design more or less traps your left foot in one position defeating the purpose of the board.

After riding with the stock Kuryakyn design for a couple months I made a small modification. Using a Dremel tool and bench top belt sander I removed a little less than half the length from of the front shift peg. The remaining material is about as long as the stock Honda peg and the removed material enables more flexibility in foot placement. Cutting the peg with a Dremel tool with an abrasive wheel is straight forward but a belt sander is required reshape an aesthetically appealing end to the peg. In short, the quality of this accessory is good and installation is very easy. But the restrictive foot movement on the shift side is disappointing. The modification is straight forward and improves usability, but ... on the whole I can only rate this product as a "3".

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Princeton, KY

At first I was not sure if I would like the heal toe shifter. It did take some getting use to. I love it now and glad I did it with the floorboards makes it much easier to shift gears! Lazy man shifting! :o)

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San Tan Valley, AZ
Great product, easy to install

I received my floorboards today and immediately set to work installing them. I took my time, and it took me about an hour an a half. Installation was pretty painless, and I was able to get them both installed without as much as chipping the paint off of my fingernails. My only complaint is the instructions are a bit confusing on the brake side, with a lot of extra stuff that really didn't matter. I was able to get the new brake pedal slid onto the shaft with the aid of some liquid dish detergent.

I would also like to comment that the installation video is highly lacking. He quickly shows the installation of the shift side, but fails to demonstrate installation of the brake side, which IMO is much more difficult.

After installation, I ended up with an extra deployment hook and bolts, plus an extra heel pedal for the shifter. I'm not sure if this is a mistake in packaging or what.

I took her for a test ride right after installation, and found the heel/toe shifting to be very natural, the position of the boards very comfortable. I'm 5'8" with size 11 (woman's) feet, and found the positioning to be quite comfortable. I do have the Kuryakyn highway pegs, so I'm able to stretch my legs when on the open road.

I've read all the reviews, and can understand why the big guys with the big feet (and big socks, LOL) might find this configuration uncomfortable.


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Dubai, AE
Floorboard chrome peels off

After 2 or 3 years, the chrome started peeling off. I now need to decide if I'm going to replace them with the same ones or just re-install the original footpegs. I have 2 goldwings, one with and one without the floorboards. On aggressive rides, with a lot of cornering, I prefer without the floorboards. The floorboards limits your cornering abilities. Regardless, I do prefer riding with the floorboards as it is more comfortable when cruising. Too bad the quality of the chroming isn't very good. Not sure on Kyryaken's policy regarding replacing defective product after warranty period?

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Hereford, AZ
great boards

the boards are great the shifter took some time to get used to but after that they are great and the big brake peddle is nice also 4 bolts and they stay where you put them

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Prescott , AZ
Floorboard is great, installation instructions so-so

The floorboards were delivered in great condition and looked good. I was able to install them with few problems. Step 1 showed the deployment tab with the curved part facing inwards while the video showed it facing outward. Also, it said to install it on the shift side but there was no mention about the brake side. It came with 2 tabs and there were holes in both floorboards so I installed on both, facing the way it said on the written instructions. We shall see what happens.

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Rochester, MN
Bigfoot Must Have

I'm 6'4' with wide 14 feet. First 1800mi trip on the wing it was obvious that the pegs had to go. Put these on with the shifter, did 2700mi in 4 days last year, + another 4K here and there and they are super. Yes, they scrape from time to time, mostly on slow sharp maneuvers, but not enough to be a problem.

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Auckland, NZ
F6B Floorboards

Goes very well on the F6B, and looks great too !
Very happy with it.

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Bend, OR
Favorite add on

These are great. Look fantastic and work very well. Simple but stylish. Very heavy duty materials. Nothing but high fives.

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