Inner Trunk Light


Inner Trunk Light
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Auxiliary trunk lighting provides extra illumination and is mounted inside the lower trunk compartment. Requires Trunk Inner Light Harness (08E75-MCA-100K).

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Rosemary Beach, FL
Inner trunk light

Install was a pain and this is a Honda part! You need some light in that trunk. Don't understand why this isn't a factory installed part. Don't forget the harness. Most expensive light I ever purchased. Works well though.

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Lakeland, FL
Glad I have it.

The quality of the plunger switch, instructions, and lack of brightness is beneath a Hondaline accessory. That having been said, I am glad I have it. You need the trunk light and the harness, both sold seperately.

Price, dull light, instructions, and the plunger switch does not snap into the pre-drilled hole on a 2010 Goldwing. The plunger switch is very loose. I'm not sure that cheap switch would snap into any hole snug.

Looks nice, plug-n-play wiring, light mounting holes are marked on the front outside of trunk, light automatically comes on when you open the trunk, and I have some solutions.

Mount the light to the trunk. Wire tie the harness to the harness in the instructions upward until you are by the left trunk hinge. With the trunk lid open, one-inch above the hinge, drill a 5/16" hole into the bottom of the left speaker compartment base. Run your wires with sleeve into the speaker box. This will allow you to make all four wire connections inside the left speaker compartment rather than having a bundle of wire connections in the outside hinge area as instructed.

Plug into the power source inside the trunk top lid as instructed. Wire tie the harness down the other wire harness as instructed until you reach the back inside bottom corner of the left speaker compartment.

Drill a 3/8" hole into the back bottom inside corner of the speaker compartment so you can run the wires and sleeve into the compartment and make all of your wire connections.

I used Gorilla 5-minute set 2-part epoxy on the plunger switch to tighten it up in the hole, this should hold as there is very little pressure on the switch when it is in position.

Remove the stock 3.4 watt bulb and replace it with a Sylvania DE3175 bulb. This is a 10 watt bulb and will light up the trunk nicely.

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St. Louis, MO

There is always room for improvement. The angle of the light should be directed downward a few degrees, but otherwise it is functional. Don't forget the wiring harness necessary to make this work. The harness includes a plunger switch that mounts in the left speaker box. All wiring goes from the top, above the inner trunk lid, out the back behind the passenger seat -- routes into the left speaker box, hooks up to the switch then the wiring leaves the speaker box and should be bundled with the cables running around the left hinge.

I found that the hole locations were already stamped out on the back, so it was just a matter of drilling three holes (two for the screws and one for the wire) and mounting the light.

It's not difficult to install, just time consuming. It took me about an hour from start to finish, maybe less -- I wasn't watching the clock.

I'm giving it 4 stars because it was a pain and the light could be directed better.

Now all I have to do is throw a Bazooka sub in the trunk and block the light entirely... :(

One thing to note: There is a diode on the light assembly. Reversing polarity will only cause it not to light. If this happens, reverse the connections.

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Thurmont, MD

Well I have to agree that this was a pain in the butt to install. Is it worth the $60. No. Do I like it, yes. I don't need flood lights for my trunk. I bought this because I ride my bike to work all the time and in the mornings it's still dark when I get there. We have no parking lot lights. This light make plenty of light to see in my trunk and place my gloves in the overpriced hondaline net. The last thing I want at 5:30am is a bright light blinding me from my trunk. For the price of these bikes, I agree, it should be included.

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Aventura, FL

Another of those few items that should have been installed at the factory for the price we paid for our goldwing. That being said I am glad I installed it.

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