Quality Brake Rotors


Quality Brake Rotors
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EBC Bolt-On and Go Rotor assemblies with forged aluminum center hubs, high friction billet steel rotor rings.and sturdy riveted construction. EBC solid HPSR rotor programs are low carbon steel units zinc plated to minimize corrosion.

EBC Pro-lite floating rotors are complete Bolt-On and Go! Rotor Assemblies made with forged aluminum center hubs, high friction billet steel rotor rings. These high quality Rotors feature sturdy riveted construction. Rotors are sold separately.

Note: The only rear rotor available for the GL1800 is the factory version.

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Wallins, KY
Wasn't sure

Well when I ordered this I wasn't sure what I was ordering. Comes out it was the outer ring, no center! Not bad for the price. Now if the bolts fit right then it's a great deal verses 230.00+ dollars for the pair.

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Denver area, CO

I installed these on my GL1100 that really needed some wet weather braking improvement, and I recommend them to everyone! Couple this with SS lines and a Randakk Master Cylinder and your Wing will brake like a new one (it scared my husband the first time out).

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WoW, Great buy.
I think I just shat myself.

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I just installed these on Saturday, 4/23/2011.
I discovered that since the center hubs are made of "alloy", they are thicker than the steel hubs of the original. This makes the bolts too short. The bolts end 1/2 way into the nuts; not just through the nuts.
It would be nice to have a recommended part number or source to get bolts to replace the factory bolts which are not long enough. I torqued them and used loctite, but not something I want to rely on. So far, they are working well, and no more squealing and glazed spots.

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What a cool company! I got shipped a rotor that was boxed wrong and they shipped out another without asking for payment and I got it right away! Good job WingStuff! Now that's how I like to do business and the prices are very fair!

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