GPS, Cell, Radar, Device Mounting Arms

Ram Mounts

GPS, Cell, Radar, Device Mounting Arms
$12.99 to $19.99
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These mounts use a ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything, anywhere on your motorcycle. RAM is made of marine grade aluminum with a powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and rubber balls. Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Most applications require a base, an arm and an accessory to complete the kit unless otherwise noted.

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Colbert, OK
Ram mounts

The only way to go

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Lemon Grove, CA

I purchased the 3-3/4" arm and the clutch/brake reservoir mounting clamp.

I only give it 4 Stars becase the Clutch-reservoir mount won't tighten enough to keep the clutch lever from being able to be rotated on the handlebars by hand... it's pretty tight, but not as tight as before this was mounted, and it doesn't match up perfectly, although it takes close inspection to see anything wrong with it.

Also, I had to go to RAM directly to purchase a 1/4"-20 threaded adapter ball to mount my digital camera on top of this guy. WingStuff should offer that part here, and that would have saved me aobut $8 in extra shipping charges.

Otherwise, I really love it. It's incredibly stable - stays right were you put it - and my camera takes great video through the windscreen. I am going to order the longer arm so that I can position the camera farther up and to the side.

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Browns Mills, NJ

this is the stuff..these things work great and stay tight

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Ram Mounts are simply the best, most versatile reconfigurable mounting system devised. I have my Zumo on the left side handlebar, with this short arm and my video camera on the right side handlebar with the 4 inch arm along with my beverage butler drink holder mount. The mounts are stable, I am able to get good pictures and video from the camera while riding.

NOTE: I don't believe that winstuff sells it, but you can buy a locking wingnut to replace the standard ones that come with the arms from Ram. I got two keyed alike one for each side so I'm able to easily adjust them anytime I need to and still lock them so the arms can't be dismounted and the mountings stolen - at least not without destroying the arms.

There is no more versatile mounting system out there. I'm confident you will be satisfied.

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Dr. DJ
Tucson , AZ

Use this and two ball mounts to hold my camera on my clutch resavor toy mount.

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