Front Wave Performance Rotors for GL1800


Front Wave Performance Rotors for GL1800
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Galfer Performance Front Wave® Rotors for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing are made of a proprietary 420 high carbon stainless steel for increased memory retention during heat cycles. Each disc is laser cut for precision to eliminate stress most other discs occur during stamped manufacturing. All Galfer rotors are stress tested using our COSMOS analyzing system. Direct replacements for stock OEM Front Rotors on any Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. sold each

  • Each Wave® design goes through an extensive brake dyno test which allows evaluation of its performance in conditions no rider can create.
  • Patented Wave® design includes not only an outer Wave® but also an inner Wave® which equalizes heat transfer and dissipates much faster
  • With the exception of solid mount Wave® rotors, Galfer features full floating Wave® blades which ensure optimum pad to rotor contact for maximum stopping force and feel.

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Providence, RI
Great replacement rotor

I installed these and the perform as described. Used them in a parade and didn't have that spongy front break at the end. They are a touch thicker than the stock rotor but stop and look much better. Pair these with the Centramatics wheel balancers and you will enjoy a smoother better stopping ride.

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The Dalles, OR
Stop on a Dime & get 9 cent back!!!

I installed these last spring and noticed a difference right away. Not as much as I was expecting but it was better. Then I rode a friends '06 with the OEM Rotors and damn I didn't think I was going to get the bike stopped. And the couple that was riding ours couldn't believe how fast they could stop.

I do ride a but aggressive and have never had brake fade and have tried believe me. Not to mention they give a great look to the bike.

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rockwood, TN
nice rotor

installed these about 1 month ago easy to do the stopping is a lot better than oem and they look awesome.They definatly make a difference on a heavy bike.

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5000 miles on those

At the end of the season, tried 3 brake pad sets with those rotors I can share what I've got.
1. Rotors installation is easy. The are really quality made.
2. If you don't have aftermarket rotor covers you'll appreciate those rotors look. There were many people saying "Wow".
3. I cannot say those are worse or better than the stock. My brakes improved noticeably. Everyone who rode my bike mentioned that.
4. Sorry Galfer, but your brake pads do not work. I put 1000 km with those front pads avoiding any hard braking allowing the pads to brake in, the brakes still were weak.
5. Oem brake pads work a way better, allowing very good "sharp" brakes in the beginning but still going weaker the harder you push the lever.
6. Traxxion pads work equally to OEM, with opposite difference: they are not as sharp as OEM in the beginning but they really allow you to brake hard increasing the stopping power according to the lever pressure.
7. Rotors became rusty when I didn't ride the bike for a few days. Rust was gone under the first brake apply.
8. Those rotors requiring warming up.
9. They do not care about water indeed. There were no difference in braking when I rode on to the wet road or under the rain.
10. I did not test those on heat resistance, but I presume - it is all correct, Galfer says about it.
In total, I am happy with those rotors, and consider this item worth spending, however you know brake power depends on many factors including pads, liquid, all those valves etc. in my case, replacing the damaged OEM rotors I would do it again for sure.

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Have just ordered 2 rotors and pads set

Well, I couldn't find any reviews on those in the web, so I decided to order and test the brakes improvement (if there is any) on my own. It isn't that I am not satisfied with my OEM brakes, but in 50 000 miles oem rotors will soon say 'bye'. Those Galfer rotors have always been the replacement I wanted to have on my bike. I hope those rotors with brake pads will add me this "a tiny bit" which is always missed under panic braking. In the end, if there's no noticeable improvement, I could save on brake pads cost... ))
I will update the review as soon as I have those arrived and installed. Please stay tuned, and wish me a worth spending ))

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