GPS, Cell, Radar, Device Cradles

Ram Mounts

GPS, Cell, Radar, Device Cradles
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These mounts use a ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything, anywhere on your motorcycle. RAM is made of marine grade aluminum with a powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and rubber balls. Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Most applications require a base, an arm and an accessory to complete the kit unless otherwise noted.

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San Diego, CA

Easy install. First use with a Droid until I lost it on the freeway. Then tried it with an HTC. The clamp press directly on the volume buttons whenseated properly. I guess you could raise the phone up some to clear it but I don't wanna loose another phone. In "spare parts" pile.

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Elgin, IL

I have a droid and touch interface work through the plastic. Also, can't get power to it while in the case, so screen turns off. Only way to get screen on is to open case. Would work if you just want phone calls. Returning for belt clip mount.

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The Sarge
Vineland Station, CA

Nice piece of "kit" !! Easy install, however it doesnt line up properly to the bikes hardware!

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Big Bob
Safety Harbor, FL

I got the AQUABOX. I first got the small aquabox but it was a little tight for the Blackberry cell. I went to a Driod so I got the medium aquabox and the Driod fits perfectly. Having a touchscreen phone, I can answer a call but a little difficuld to swipe the screen. I have the phone blue toothed to a scala phone headset which works great. You can see who is calling when it rings. Haven't tried voice calling to see if that works yet.

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