Waterproof Rain Sack

Chase Harper

Waterproof Rain Sack
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100% waterproof 200 denier medical rip-stop nylon. Seam sealed rip-stop construction. 20” x 20”.  Keep your gear dry!

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Santa Rosa, CA
Keep Your Stuff Dry

Use this bag as a dry bag in my Saddlemen Rear Sear Bag which is not completely water proof and does not come with a rain cover. Bag is definitely water proof as I actually used it to store water and soak my HyperKewl cooling vest in. Kept the dry bag in my seat bag filled with plenty of water and even some ice and it did not leak into the seat bag at all. Even though my first use of the bag was opposite its intended purpose, I can tell you that if won't leak a large amount of liquid contained inside, certainly even a heavy down pour will not get what's inside wet.

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