Performance Stainless Belly Pan

Jacksonville, FL
Stainless Steel

This belly pan is a must have. It is the only belly pan I would recommend to anyone to buy for their 1800 Wing. It is stainless steel not weak aluminum and the front section is the easiest to detach it has dzuz fasteners not screws to loose.

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Peace of mind

This item was easy to install. I can definitely see how it will protect all the fragile things on the bottom of the bike. This is something Honda should have on from the factory. Definitely a peace of mind especially on those dirt roads.

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Evansville, IN
Bear to Install

Once installed, I think this belly pan both functions well and looks good but the installation was difficult. Had a hard time getting the second side over the studs along with starting the nuts after damaging the threads a bit. Ended up using a 2x6" board as a lever getting it past the bolts and probably will cut it lengthwise if I have to remove it. Also, but not as difficult, spent some time bending the front section to match up with the main part of the pan. If the installation was easy, I would have given it five stars.

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Liberty, TX
Wouldn't leave home without it!

I bought this over a year ago. I was told that it would assist in with the cross-wind problems - and it has. Not only does it protect the bottom of the GL1800, but it eases the cross-wind drag on the bike. (not sure how- but it works)... Also, the two-piece design is a snap to change the oil. Just a quarter turn of two locking screws and you can access the oil drain plug.

Cons: Caution... edges can become sharp! Handle with care! but still gave 5 star rating.

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Sterling, VA
First Accessory Added

The belly pan is the first thing I got for my 2012. I had one on the 2007 and never regretted it a single moment. Those speed bumps sound mean when rolling over them but I feel secure that no real damage will occur with the belly pan in place.

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Suma, WA
belly pan

poped on and look's just like the pic.
Yes edge is sharp !!

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Callao, VA
Belly Pan

Great product! It protects the bottom of the trike, & I know because I have already seen the marks from rocks and other debris. It was simple to install and well worth the money. This is a must have for your ride!

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Vancouver, WA
Belly pan

Had another GL1800 rider strongly recommend one of these to me. He said twice he had managed to bottom out on something that tore up exposed parts. He felt if he'd done the pan up front he'd never had it happen. I took his advice. I've never had an issue.

It's a keeper.

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Royse City, TX
Belly Pan for 2013 Goldwing

It took me about 15 min. to install with common hand tools, looks good. This is a must for all Goldwing's, I had a piece of wire penetrate my coolant overflow tank, the tank sits on the bottom of the bike and if I would of installed one of these prior, it would not have happened. So, after I had the tank replaced I installed the belly pan, it won't happen again!

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Drayton Valley, CA
Belly Pan for GL1800

I ordered this product for my 2009 Honda Goldwing GL1800.
1. Make sure you take off the white plastic coverings on both sides before installing.
2. Before installing I took mine to a local company and had them powder coat it to match the grey cowling color for a cost of $80 US. So glad I did as it comes back with smoother edges and should add many more years of wear to it.
3. Installing it took me approx. 90 minutes. Install the kickstand side first, taking out the side bolts with a 10 mm socket wrench. It may take some effort to get the pan hole over the bolt and inside the cowelling. Put nuts in place and lightly tighten.
4. Then do the same on the right side. With a little persistence it will go into place. Then tighten all four bolts.
5. Put on the front portion last. You'll have to bend it in shape to get a better fit. Then 1/4 tighten lug nuts.
Tip: I used a piece of chrome car door plastic edging along both the front edge of the front piece to reduce rattling and along the back edge of the back piece for a smoother look.
A great product. Like everyone else says it should have been installed at the factory.
Thanks Wingstuff for making it available. Should be purchased by all Goldwing owners.

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