Performance Stainless Belly Pan for GL1800 w/Oversize Fasteners

Perth, Australia, AU
An absolute no-brainer for the money

I bought mine when it was on special at under $40.

Fitted it in about 15 minutes and definitely watch for the sharp edges.

The front (detachable) part is not as snug as it could and has the potential to rattle so I modified it by putting some teflon tape on the inside at the bends where it may contact the engine under-side.

The more I buy stuff for my Wing the more I scratch my head as the simplicity of the accessories and wonder why Honda didn't include it as standard.

And finally, as alway - awesome service from Wingstuff

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McAllen, TX
Stainless Belly Pan

I got one of the belly pans at the cyber Monday price of $37 bucks!!! Great price for what it is. 30 minutes to install, watch the sharp edges! No nicks or cuts this time!! It's not the greatest fit on the front section, but it is good enough! Besides, the only way it can be seen is when you crawl under the wing, so no worries there. The front section is very easy to remove and install for service.

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Wylie, TX
Update after 7k mi

An update to my July install & review. Hte install was rather easy. No fit or sharp edges issues. I did note after much experience on hwy driving & w/ heavy crosswinds (lot of here in TX traveling E-W) the bike did exhibit slightly more aerodynamic stability, but not significant. The primary reason for buying this pan is insurance against road demons- you just never know ;-)

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West Jordan, UT
A must for all Wings!

I've had this pan on for a year now. I can't tell you how many times I have been thankful that I had it on. It offers great protection and helps keep all that road tar, etc. off the engine and components mounted under the bike. I found it a bit tough to install on my 2012, but it was worth the effort. The front also removes easily when changing the oil. Definitely worth the price/effort!

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Avon, IN
Poor fitment

This seems like a good deal for the money, however the front portion of the pan fits even worse than it shows in the picture. It does not line up with main pan at all and is very noticible. I just left the fron portion off.....

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Stainless Bellypan

As the description says the edges are very sharp.....By the time I finished the install I had two cuts on my fingers. Very easy to install. Just wear a pair of gloves. Cant say that I can tell a difference in handling, but I am sure it will protect the underside of the bike as advertised.

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Cape Coral, FL
Good quality

I received the belly pan this week and installed it. Doesn't seem to make much difference with wind buffeting but it will serve the purpose for which I bought it and that is to protect the underside of my bike. I read one review from a gentleman that said he was 150 lbs. and couldn't get his bike on the center stand. I am 141 and have no trouble. Go to youtube and type goldwing center stand. There is a very helpful video.

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Five Islands
Good product

Installed this in anticipation of a trip to Alaska, good fit, easy install quality product. Have run this about 10000 miles issues at all....easy oil change.

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Mississauga , CA
Performance Stainless Steel Belly Pan

After a 9000 km round trip--Canada to Galveston & Texas Hill Country--this belly pan earned itself a 10 star rating!!!! Many rocks and other debris were heard pinging the belly pan, telling me the pan protected the fragile parts under the bike, including the plastic coolant tank. Well worth the 70 bucks and easy to install. Should be standard equipment from the factory, but big thanks to WingStuff for offering it after-market.

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Tavares, FL
This belly pan protection is a must

I am giving a second review after more than a year and a half and over 16,000 miles.
This product is a very good product and has protected the underneath of my bike many times. It allows easy access to the oil changes. *****

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