Performance Stainless Belly Pan for GL1800 w/Oversize Fasteners


Performance Stainless Belly Pan for GL1800 w/Oversize Fasteners
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Performance Series Louvered Stainless Steel 2-piece Belly Pan sets the standard in style and protection for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. Polished stainless steel design offers far more impact resistance than aluminum pans and front section easily detaches with aircraft quality dzus fasteners. 

Protects fragile exposed engine case and plastic coolant tank underneath from harmful road debris. Vented louvers provide more air flow to your powerful engine, while adding an impressive look underneath your bike.

Offers a much higher level of protection compared to aluminum pans on the market today. Heavy Duty Oversized Aircraft Dzus Fasteners securely attach front section, allowing for easy removal when changing your oil.

Performance style shiny stainless steel 2 piece belly pan adds an amazing new look to any GL1800 Honda Gold Wing. Providing maximum protection from hazardous road debris that often kicks up from the road while riding. By far the best looking and strongest belly pan for GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles on the market today. Available at Discount Pricing!

Note: Stainless Steel Belly Pans have Sharp Edges, PLEASE use protective gloves when installing. These are also nicely shipped with a white protective film to ensure it arrives to you in good condition. Please remove the film before installing. Thank you.

Belly Pans are shipped with a white protective film to ensure it arrives to you in good condition. Please remove the film before installing. Thank you.

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Great Protection

This belly pan is easy to install, looks good and better yet protects the front and bottom of engine. Front panel removes in seconds to access oil filter. Worth the piece of mind to protect cooling and oil filter area.

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G Man
Blythewood, SC
Great Piece of item!!

I had my bike trike with the Razor kit and with the running boards. The pan does not fit with the running boards. The running boards does have two bracket the runs across and it gives a great deal of protection below. I have to return it. Thanks

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McKinney, TX
Satisfied buyer

Installed several years ago and have been satisfied with it. Just wanted to get some basic protection for the bottom end. At first I noticed some rattling, but that disappeared very shortly after install.

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Costa Mesa, CA
Does not fit F6B

I put one of these on my 08 GL1800 and it slipped right into place, no problem.
So, I purchased one for my new 2013 F6B and had it powder coated black to match the bike. I had to take off the exhaust covers as the fit was so tight. After several attempts, marring up the screw threads and the belly pan itself I decided it was a no go. There is no clearance after install as the belly pan is forced on to the exhaust pipes. I removed it and now I'm stuck with belly pan I can't return(powder coated black). Anyone interested I'll sell it for the purchase price(80.00)

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Houston, TX
Best investment piece

I figured I was a good enough rider to avoid road debris. I bought my wing 7 months ago and have not hit anything in the road (knocked on wood) but I looked at the underside of my bike about a month ago and noticed there was a significant dent in the coolant reservoir. I can only assume a pebble was bouncing down the road that I never saw. Luckily, there was not a hole. I just installed this belly pan with few problems. My wife bought this for me and at first I though she bought the wrong one since it was white. Turned out that was only the protector plastic (removed before I installed). I turned a 10 minute install into an hour since I did not realize the lower plastic piece had to be pulled off of the screws with a little extra elbow grease. I am happy with the peace of mind to protect the oil filter and the coolant reservoir. After I got the pan over the screws, I slid it as far back as possible and that allowed the front piece to tuck into the cowling instead of dangling below the cowling. The aircraft style connectors on the front piece made the install a breeze and will also make maintenance a breeze. If you plan to replace the brake pedal anytime soon, do the brake pedal first to save you from having to remove the whole pan again. In light of where the oil filter is, this is a must have that will save some wing engines.

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