Performance Stainless Belly Pan


Performance Stainless Belly Pan
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Performance Series Louvered Stainless Steel 2-piece Belly Pan sets the standard in style and protection for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. Polished stainless steel design offers far more impact resistance than aluminum pans and front section easily detaches with aircraft quality Dzus® Fasteners. 

Protects fragile exposed engine case and plastic coolant tank underneath from harmful road debris. Vented louvers provide more air flow to your powerful engine, while adding an impressive look underneath your bike.

Offers a much higher level of protection compared to aluminum pans on the market today. Heavy Duty Oversized Aircraft Fasteners securely attach front section, allowing for easy removal when changing your oil.

Note: Stainless Steel Belly Pans have Sharp Edges, PLEASE use protective gloves when installing.

These are shipped with a white protective film to ensure it arrives to you in good condition. Please remove the film before installing. Thank you.

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Saskatoon, CA
Belly pan

Based upon the condition I see every time I remove it to change oil,this product has saved me many repairs. Easy install.

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LeMoyne, CA
Belly pan

Sans ce produit la moto serait hors d'usage . Elle à protéger d'une inondation sur la route en traversant une flaque d'eau qui n'était pas annoncée plus de 12 pouces d'eau sur une distance d'environs 6 pieds.
C'est ce qui m'a permis de faire le reste de la route sans problème. Et la protection des avaries sur la route c'est la chose à avoir.

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Hannibal, MO
A must have

No more busted coolant reservoirs or smashed oil filters from road debris and looks great too. Easy install. Easy access for oil changes.

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Urbandale, IA
Great Addition and Added Protection

I installed this a couple years ago when I first got my 06 used. It was easy to install and adds extra protection to all of the little things that seem to avoid detection as I ride. For me, I thought it helped stabilize the bike on the interstate and highways. The front is easy to remove for inspections and maintenance.

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Mooresburg, TN
Should help protect bottom I guess.

I cut slots in the rear side holes and it made rear panel installation very easy. Without doing that, I am sure it would have went much harder.

The front panel looks absolutely hideous. It nowhere near follows the contours of the bike. Unbelievable they would sell something that fits so poorly.

I will keep this on as it will help protect my bike... but if I see another brand that doesn't look so bad.. I'll likely replace it. Notice they never show a picture from the front!

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017