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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
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Performance Series Louvered Stainless Steel 2-piece Belly Pan sets the standard in style and protection for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. Polished stainless steel design offers far more impact resistance than aluminum pans and front section easily detaches with aircraft quality Dzus® Fasteners. 

Protects fragile exposed engine case and plastic coolant tank underneath from harmful road debris. Vented louvers provide more air flow to your powerful engine, while adding an impressive look underneath your bike.

Offers a much higher level of protection compared to aluminum pans on the market today. Heavy Duty Oversized Aircraft Fasteners securely attach front section, allowing for easy removal when changing your oil.

Note: Stainless Steel Belly Pans have Sharp Edges, PLEASE use protective gloves when installing.

These are shipped with a white protective film to ensure it arrives to you in good condition. Please remove the film before installing. Thank you.

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Grants Pass, OR
Worth the extra money

I bought this several years ago for my 2008 Goldwing. It’s nice to just drop the front panel of it to do and oil change. Just within the last 3 years I’ve started riding with guys that love the twisting curves of the mountain roads in Oregon. I recently too an advanced riding course. So I’m keeping up with these guys now. Who ride BMW’s.
I’m scraping pegs with a lot of turns now. The wing handles pretty damn good for a boat.
Now to get to the point of this product. I was rounding a curve really leaning, not quite to scrape the pegs. But enough to hit a large rock that didn’t touch the tires. But hitting the panel hard. I was also talking to my buds over my Bluetooth. He thought I had crashed! Afterwards I turned around and found the rock in little pieces. When I got home. I found the panel had been dented, even ripped a hole in it! And bits of rock inside. But it did the job of projecting the under belly! I hammered out the dents and afterward changing my oil. Put it back on!

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Colbert, WA
Nice, but Not HD as expected

I installed this pan 10/2017 and the extension for the front, as a couple others said, not easy. I did the left side first then the right. After install I shook it a little and it does rattle, but did not notice any rattle on a test drive. Will see what takes place as I travel with the bike more. Installed on a 2005 GL1800.

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Cookeville, TN
Does not fit well

I agree with Nolan 100%. There must be better fitting pans and I would have been further ahead to have looked more. I expect I will hear rattles from this pan and I do not expect it to last long.

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Good protection - takes effort

This is my first belly pan but after installed I can see the benefits. Putting it on was not easy. It would be better to do the left side first which is not mentioned. When I pulled the left exhaust cover back it came too far and I had to take the front cover off and disconnect the panel before I could get the pan installed. Also, no matter how I pulled I could not get the rear tab to fit over the nut. It appeared to be about one quarter short so I had to cut one rear tab. The front is not smoothly designed, I can see why one person said they only take photos from the rear. I did not wear gloves and cut one finger a little. Edges are not sharp but if you let a finger slide over the edge, it will cut!

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Saskatoon, CA
Belly pan

Based upon the condition I see every time I remove it to change oil,this product has saved me many repairs. Easy install.

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