Performance Stainless Belly Pan


Performance Stainless Belly Pan
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Performance Series Louvered Stainless Steel 2-piece Belly Pan sets the standard in style and protection for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. Polished stainless steel design offers far more impact resistance than aluminum pans and front section easily detaches with aircraft quality dzus fasteners. 

Protects fragile exposed engine case and plastic coolant tank underneath from harmful road debris. Vented louvers provide more air flow to your powerful engine, while adding an impressive look underneath your bike.

Offers a much higher level of protection compared to aluminum pans on the market today. Heavy Duty Oversized Aircraft Fasteners securely attach front section, allowing for easy removal when changing your oil.

Note: Stainless Steel Belly Pans have Sharp Edges, PLEASE use protective gloves when installing.

These are shipped with a white protective film to ensure it arrives to you in good condition. Please remove the film before installing. Thank you.

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South Elgin, IL
Updated review

Wing Stuff took care of me and will refund me for this belly pan. I realize this product did not work for me and therefore the negative review may not be appropriate.

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Modified for easier install (Belly Pan)

After reading numerous reviews I decided to take the new belly pan to a machine shop to have vertical grooves cut. I was glad that I did. Even with that it wasn't real easy but I know much easier than if I had not done it.I took pictures but there is not a way to post them here. I had the shop cut vertical grooves in the middle of the horizontal slots so I could just loosen the bolts slide the pan into place. Then I slid it forward and tightened down the bolt caps.I did split some heat proof tubing & applied it to the front piece just to eliminate the chance for rattling. I have not used it on the road yet. If any issues I will re-visit this "review". Best to all the Riders out there.

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South Elgin, IL
Absolute garbage! Do not buy!

This is not a simple install. Instructions completely suck! On my 2016, there is a piece of the shroud on both sides that get in the way of holes. The only way to install is to cut it. Even after doing that, I couldn't get it on. I gave up because I was so angry. I'm out $90 and I probably can't return it because I cut it. Freaking awesome. Hope Wingstuff gives me my money back in good faith.

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Philadelphia, PA
Let's see

Installed mine last spring. Had a buddy help with install. Just take your time with the brackets and line things up. Mine bit into one of my Joe Florida lights and due to the sharp edges I lost the light. Easy to replace though. Still waiting for some major differences that I can point to like wind buffeting (good) and excess heat in the warmer weather (bad), but I can't be certain just yet. I do know that my bike's belly is now protected and that's good enuff.

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Great add on

I just received my S.S. belly pan today and looks great. It took me less then half an hour with no gloves to install. I specifically looked for stainless steel and this was the only one I saw on the market. Lot's of vents also so I feel better on the real hot days having this one.

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