VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800
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NEW GL1800 & GL1500 Gold Wing Quantum Hard Coated Anti-Scratch Windshield With or Without Vent Hole by National Cycle uses the stock factory Honda Oem Vent found on 2004+ Newer GL1800 Gold Wings. Measures 22" Tall and 26" at Widest Point. Need a vent?, they are sold separately and shown on page as Related Product.

Fits ANY year Honda GL1800 and GL1500 motorcycle, engineers designed this high quality windshield with a profile and contour to offer an extremely quiet and comfortable ride, especially for the passenger. Superb optics and outstanding strength come from 4.5mm polycarbonate famous anti-scratch proprietary QuantumT hardcoating with a tough to beat 3-Year Unbreakable Warranty!!

Why Five Holes?
Both windshields for the GL1800 With Vent Hole and Without Vent Hole will ANY year GL1800 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.  The 2001-2005 GL1800 Gold Wing shields use a five point mounting system. 2006+ Newer GL1800 Gold Wing shield use a 3 point mounting system. Our shields are set-up with 5 mounting points to fit both 01-05 and 2006+ Newer GL1800 Gold Wings. On the 2006+ Newer GL1800 Gold Wing use the middle and 2 outer most mounting points only. National Cycle V-Stream Windshield.

Vent Hole Style

  • GL1800 Style Fits ANY Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle
  • GL1500 Style Fits ANY year GL1500 Gold Wing motorcycle
  • Retains full use of windshield height adjustment and OEM vent
  • Uses existing mounting hardware for a direct replacement
  • Only works with new style Honda OEM vent .

Non Vented Style

  •  Fits Honda GL1800 Goldwing W/O vent hole
  •  Retains full use of windshield height adjustment
  • Uses existing mounting hardware for a direct replacement

Stock GL1800 from 2001-2003 did not have a vent.  If you need a vent, just order our replacement vent shown on page as Related Item.
Stock GL1500 owners that need a vent can purchase separately and shown as Related Item on page.

  • 4.5mm (33% thicker than stock) Lexan polycarbonate for superb optics and impact strength 20X greater than acrylic/Lucite® plastic
  • Exclusive Quantum™ hardcoat for scratch resistance 10X better than FMR coating and 30X better than acrylic/Lucite® plastic 
  • Larger size and 2.5" setback create a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Retains full use of OEM windshield height adjustment and OEM vent

32 Member Reviews

Wylie, TX
100k mi+ & still going strong

my V-stream has 7 yrs & 100k mi+ now on a 2010 GW. just returned from 9k mi AK trip. The top is starting to craze now, but overall very good shape for the mileage. One reviewer mentioned the rainbow colors he sees thru the shield- he must be wearing polarized sunglasses as this is called the Newton Ring effect- most contoured coated plastic optics will exhibit this effect. I will be ordering a new V-Stream, so cannot comment on ease of installation, etc. vey good product.

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Lindale, TX
VStream Quantum for GL1800

I purchased this windshield to replace my stock windshield that had developed numerous scratches over the years. I wasn't disappointed.

For me, it was an easy install. Took my time and didn't rush it. Installed in less than an hour. I love the shape and the way it channels the wind to each side instead of over my head. It's contoured to fit a little farther back, which I have no problem with. I adjusted the height the way I wanted it and the windshield has been an excellent addition for me.

Quality is about the best I have found. Also bought a new air vent to go along with it. Quality of the air vent is just as good or better than the OEM vent. I would rate this windshield very high for fitment, quality and longevity.

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Edgewood, NM
No polite way to say it, this thing sucks!

I was so excited to get this windshield and put it on my 2003 GoldWing. It installed easily. The first thing I noticed was how far back it tilts on the bike. In fact, the first couple times I got on the bike I hit the top edge of the windshield with my helmet, which never happened with the stock shield. Then I took it for a ride. I was getting buffeted so badly, and it was so noisy, I figured that I just had to adjust it to find the sweet spot. Well now, with over 2000 miles and after having tried every height position possible, I have come to realize that I need to stop blaming the rider/installer, and start blaming the lousy product. This is a poorly designed product which is several times worse than the stock windshield at reducing air flow and reducing noise. It just plain sucks. I'm in the process of shopping for another brand right now. If you want this one for half price, let me know and it's yours.

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Muncie, IN
I'm not sold on it

I replaced my stock 2004 very scratched shield with the VStream this week. I like the look on the bike. It gives it a more sporty look. I have only rode 100 miles or so. I can't say that I notice a big difference about the wind and actually the wind from the sides seems worse. I'm 5'9 and the vent view/ placement problem I have not noticed. HOWEVER the windshield is optically strange. It distorts around the vent and some at the sides. Below the vent you get a Star Trek warp speed look. I'm a bit bothered but trying to get used to it. My stock vent fit fine but the vent is a pain in the butt anyway. It is thicker and fights being bent around the mounting points. Closing the windshield locks are scary tight. I always run it full up so its not a problem for me. One of the main problems that I give it a 3 Star rating is the fit of the rubber grommet from the fairing. It just don't fit well at all. The sharp curves of the shield leave big gaps. I'm posting pictures of this on my photos . Bottom line is I'm not sold on it and may call Wingstuff about a return. I'll update soon.

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Slatedale, PA
Poor Fit

The V-Stream Windshield does not fit my 08 GL1800 properly. The windshield is thicker than the stock windshield and its contours are deeper than the stock windshield which causes the front garnish on the fairing to not seat properly at the sides, just under the mirrors where an unsightly gap appears and cannot be closed. And since the contours of the windshield are deeper than the stock windshield there are gaps along the rubber strip along the top of the front garnish. I'm about ready to throw the thing in the trash since I scratched the lower portion and now I won't be able to get my money back. Such a waste! Do not purchase this product for a GL1800 model.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017