Fold Down Antenna Mount Flag Pole w/Flag for Gold Wing

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Fold Down Antenna Mount Flag Pole w/Flag for Gold Wing
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Easily mounts to the Antenna and fits any Honda GL1500 or GL1800, as well as any motorcycle with an antenna in minutes and includes a quality 6 x 9 double sided heavy duty polyester American Flag.

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Broken Flag Poles

I had two of these when I left Pa, I took a ride from Pa to Las Vegas. One broke off somewhere in Colorado and the other one broke off somewhere in Utah. At first I thought it had something to do with the cold weather in the mountains, until I got to Utah where it was just the opposite. Very disappointed with this product.

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Chula Vista, CA
Look at others...

Bought them, installed them, took alot longer then expected. Only had them on a short while and one snapped at the screw. I would look at other foldable mounts these are not very durable.

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Woodbridge, VA
Flag Pole Works Fine

After seeing these antenna mounted flag poles on another Goldwing, I purchased one to replace my old flag pole that was mounted on the trunk rack. I decided to mount the new flag pole on the right (AM/FM) radio antenna, since I was uncertain what effect the antenna would have on the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) tuning of the (left) CB antenna.

The mounting system is not intuitive however. It basically is held in place by friction on the shaft of the radio antenna. While it really can not fall off, it would be possible for the flag pole mount to vibrate loose. However, in the 2 months since it was mounted, the flag pole has remained solidly attached after hundreds of miles of riding.

As far as for flag wear, I expect to replace the flag on an annual basis, just like I've done with the previous trunk rack mounted flag pole. I have noticed that, depending on the wind/travel direction, the flag will usually fly straight back but does occasionally wrap around the whip radio antenna.

In summary, flag pole/flag looks good while parked or going down the road. Expect normal wear/tear on the flag and carefully read the directions twice before you try to mount the pole. It's not hard, just not obvious how it mounts.

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Huntington, MA
Not happy

Have gone through 2 of these poles and a number of flags which come unsewed and ravel in several hundred miles. Bought a heavier duty flag and pole broke after 200 miles. Pole looks great but didn't hold up and flags are very cheaply made.

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Junction City, KS
Antenna mount flag pole

Good design and look on bike. The down side is that they are made with pot metal. As a result they are very weak at the pivot screw in the folded position.
I have had two break within two months when bumped in the folded position, under cover. Due to the price I can't justify buying another. If they were CNC machined out of billet aluminum I might consider them again. But until then ?????

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017