Handlebar Risers Standard or Tall Rider Version

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Handlebar Risers Standard or Tall Rider Version
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MBL Comfort Ride Handlebar Risers fit all model years Honda Goldwing GL1800, Honda GL1800 Trikes and all model years Honda Goldwing F6B.

Our risers reposition the stock handlebars to give you a more comfortable ride. They can help reduce the nagging neck and shoulder discomfort by allowing to you to sit back in the seat in a more relaxed riding position.

MBL Comfort Ride Handlebars Risers are available in two styles;

The 1803W wide style will reposition the handlebars at the bar ends UP ¾” and BACK 1 3/8”. The width remains the same with no change.

The 1803S standard style will reposition the handlebars at the bar ends UP ¾”, BACK 1½” and IN 2 1/4”.

Made in the USA

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What a difference!

I just installed the standard set and road 400+ miles. What a difference from the stock position. No tension in my shoulders and much more relaxed position. I highly recommend these!!!!!

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casa grande, AZ

AS the other reviews say, this is great. Get it.

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Toronto, CA
First Option for Your Wing

The handlebar risers help improve your posture by bringing you into a more upright position. The end result is less back pain and greater comfort. I had these on my 2010 Wing and they will be the first addition to the new Wing I have ordered. Highly recommended. My friends who ride Gold Wings also use them.

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Suffolk, VA
Amazingly comfortable!!!

I thought my Wing was just about perfect, then I added these! WOW! I am 5'11" and decided to use the Standard model. I am glad I did. Now my arms are much more relaxed and I feel like I could ride comfortably much, much longer. My shoulders used to start aching after about an hour and I thought it was just due to an old injury. Once I read some reviews on this product, I decided to try it. Now my Wing is more comfortable than my recliner! Shoulder and back pain are gone. Just take your time when notching out the fork cover (I used a box knife and large round file). Absolutely fantastic product!

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norton, VA
Different from kuryakyn

This does the same thing as the kuryakyn brand, but it keeps the same wing span as the stock handlebars. Easy to install on the 08,just pull the cover straight up. All you got to do is unplug the speakers. Then unplug the dash wires, the hardest part of the whole operation. I took a long skinny screwdriver from the left side, to go under the tab then it will pop free. Then unbolt the handlebars, and loosen the cables. Just bolt it back together. For the plastic cover, use a quarter to mark it and cut it out. If you put the quarter in right place it will fit perfectly. After taking several trips plus a 400 mile day I wished I would of had bought it when I first bought the bike. My shoulders would hurt, my wife would rub them while I drove. Now they feel just as good as when I first get on it. More than well worth the money.

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