Avon Cobra Radial Tires for GL1800


Avon Cobra Radial Tires for GL1800
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Avon Cobra Radial Tires for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing feature advanced Variable Belt Density, improving grip and stability with a larger contact patch. Enhanced Aqua Flow tread gives optimal water dispersal and are designed for the demands of your powerful Gold Wing motorcycle, offering superb handling and high mileage.

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Memphis, MI
Excellent Tire

I am replacing the rear 180/70R16 on my 2013 Goldwing after 25K miles with the same tire. Excellent traction wet or dry. Improved handling over the OEM Bridgstones. I also had a set of Vipers on my previous GL1200, also were an excellent tire. I prefer the taller profile rear tire. No problems with this tire.

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Keizer, OR
Best ever!

When I switched from Conti Tour to Avon I wasn't sure I was going to trust them in spite of my brother's emphatic recommendation (on his GL 1200). I was amazed at the grip on Oregon's wet highways and the transformation of my Harley into a smooth riding touring machine. I switched my F6B at 7K miles and will ride on nothing less than Avon Cobras from here on out. these are true five-star tyres (tires).

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North Little Rock, AR
Update Review

I had a pair of the "original" Avon Cobras. I previously reviewed these when I had only had about 6700 miles on them....I managed to get 19,000 and change out of them total! The ORIGINAL Avon Cobras were OUTSTANDING; grippy in wet or dry, outstanding in ANY conditions! I finished mine up at The Dragon Tail at Deal's Gap in TN in 2013.
I've been reading the recent reviews on several quality issues that have plagued these tires, and it is for these reasons I couldn't recommend their purchase. Bubbles developing on the inside, causing exterior lumps and tread separation! I opted to purchase the Bridgestone Exedra pair instead. Great tire if they can exorcise the quality demons....you're rolling the dice if you purchase!

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Dundas, CA
Ride hard, maintain inflation levels.

I've put over 100,000 km on my 2004 Goldwing and tried a number of different tires. The Cobra's provided by far the best handling for my spirited driving style. I have been able to get 25,000 km (15K miles) from the front tires and about 15,000 km (9K miles)from the rear. I went further on Elite 3s but the bike didn't fall into the curves near as easily. One caveat - you need to over inflate the front tire or it will cup. I put in 41 psi and the tires wear evenly and it reduces the low speed front end wobble. I'm currently on my second set and plan to buy them again.

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Sky Rider
Adams County, CO
Totally shocked!!!!

My ‘06 Wing (90+k) is primary transportation (not fair weather rider, maintain my Wing, member of Iron Butt Association, I ride hard & fast, I go through traffic like grap in a goose). I keep records. These Cobras were reported to get 20K miles. Emphasis add, I didn’t believe it. I do now. Changed tires today, got 22,000 miles out of the Cobras. I saw the wear bars. Better than seeing cords.

Handling: I used the 70 profile. Been through several heavy rains for more than an hour at interstate speeds. I love my Wing not even my feet got wet at those speeds. The Wing was very stable with the Avons at 75 to 85 mph.

Also highly recommend the Traxxion suspension system.

I believe these Avons need to be “broke in” for high speeds. Run them up to 110 mph or better (full throttle), they seem to be a bit unstable at first. They seems to learn and become stable.

Have dragged foot pegs, no issues with Avons. They hang on pretty good.

Flat wear in center of tread is natural. It is simply the wear on any tire caused by straight down the road riding. Cupping its caused by low tire pressure, poor riders.

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