Fog Light Kit w/Blue Tint Lens for GL1800

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Fog Light Kit w/Blue Tint Lens for GL1800
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Part # 52-704 Blue/White enhances light levels to a bright white light and includes a factory style switch. Plug-N-Play Installation make these great light kits very easy to install. WILL NOT work on GL1800 Airbag Model Great looking Honda GL1800 fog light kits in bright halogen produce lots of needed lighting, while featuring a factory style switch and easier plug-n-play installation.


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Suffolk, VA
Great product at very reasonable price

We all hate the bland look of the cowl with no lights. I installed these on my '07 because of the blue tint and they looked great! They aren't the brightest and that is why I only gave 4 stars, but they do provide better day time visibility and some extra light at night. Best of all, they won't break the bank.

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Boardman, OH
Work well but install not so good

Directions not very good. lights sit back from cowl. need spacers and longer screws to make them look better. work well. nice light

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fog lights

instructions are no good, lights do not fit like they should sit to far back from cowl

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Tim & Julie
New Albany, IN
Would not take much to be much better

If you are willing to work with them, these lights are ok. First the instructions, like other reviewers have said, they are lousy. Really, how tough would it be to take some b&w pictures rather than these drawings that look like a grade school kid made them. (minus 1 star) Next, mine did not come with all the hardware, which then required a trip to the store. (minus another star) And finally, once you get them installed, they sit about 1/4 inch behind the cowling. The gap really does not look very good, so another trip to the hardware for longer screws and spacers to make them fit flush. (minus a third star) If the company would upgrade the instructions and include the necessary hardware to mount them correctly it would be 5 star. Also, the electrical power hookup can be hard to find. On a 2007 wing it is below the switch panel in the rubber boot behind the air vent. It may not look like it, but it is in there.

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Bend, OR
Near perfect add on

I added these lights a year and a half ago. Relatively easy to install, as always the removal and reinstall of the cowling can be an issue with alignment of the screw holes, but that's a known problem. But the rest is pretty straight forward.

They are on day and night by choice. They look great, give added clarity of the immediate road surface and I have yet to have anyone flashing headlights at me at night. Also they give off enough added light on the sides of the road to help in spotting of animals at night.

Now to add them to my wife's newly acquired Gold Wing.

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  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2010
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