Hopnel Fairing Double Add-A-Pocket For GL1800


Hopnel Fairing Double Add-A-Pocket For GL1800
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Great for extra storage room, slips over existing Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Fairing Pocket. Made of high quality marine vinyl, pocket is hinged for easy access and available in Right or Left.

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Pflugerville, TX
Made it work

as mentioned by others the straps are the weak link. I use it on the right side and put the straps under the cover. I punched out a small hole in the top and tethered it with a zip tie to the windshield release handle,just in case. Four years and 75k miles it's worked, be careful with the straps and it should work fine.

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Jefferson City, TN
Maybe for earlier Wings

Have a 2013 GL1800 and knew before I ordered the right side pocket it would cover the head light and preload adjust switches. Has straps but there is nothing to strap around. This pocket is not designed for newer wings. May cut off the useless straps and put snaps in the top of the pocket and the bike or toss it in the pile of "use on something else later".

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Manassas, VA
Extra Storage is Great

A little bit of work was required to get this to work, but I am not at all savvy in a garage and even I managed to make it work. They work great for what they are designed to do - keep a few extra things handy for the rider. I have one on each side of the fairing - a kickstand platform in one, a garage door opener in one, a spare change container in one, etc. I also have a smaller one that sits on the gas tank lid.

Mine have held up fine so far, but I keep my Wing inside so I can't speak to how they might handle being outside in the weather.

And one nice thing is that the one on the left side covers up the push button to get into that cubby, so it isn't visible to folks walking by.

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Comes in handy

While I was not completely pleased with the issues of the straps that secure the bag to the pocket door failing, and bind the lid, I was able to correct it by having my wife sew some velcro on the back and then attaching some on the pocket lid. They have worked well since these mods, and come in handy for those little things you need to stash.

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Decent bags. Terrible mounting or attachment. Cheap straps just go around fairing door. Will not hold in place and interferes with door closure especially when it slides down (left strap actually covers lock mechanism). Needs part on top to wrap around door or something. Do not recommend at this time.

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