Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover


Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
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Oversize Motorcycle Beaded Seat Covers fit Gold Wing seats and any motorcycle with a large seat. Keeps you cool with air flowing underneath you in hot days, no more sticking to your seat in hot weather. Fits Gold Wings, Harley Dressers, BMW's or any large seat. Measures 11.5 x 15.

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Sebastian, FL
Five Stars

Bought it on a whim. Had for 6 months and finally put it on. Rode one tank and took it off. Got back on the bike and rode about 50 miles pulled over on the shoulder of the road and put it back on. I never ride without it. I have what is called "assata l" I have no "A-S at all"

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Chandler, AZ
Highway Beads Update

My five star review is for Wingstuff. My first beaded seat cover fell apart the second ride. Wingstuff not only refunded me but sent me a replacement. That's called customer service. A concept so many other companies have forgotten. Thank you.

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Chandler, AZ
Highway Beads

Second time I used it the fishing line that holds it all together came apart. I had beads falling off down the freeway. Big disappointment because it really made a huge difference in the Arizona heat.

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Statesville, NC
Was skeptical but difference was impressive

I bought this only to add something to my order of a small pwr connector adapter just to get more out of the minimum shipping charge. At 6'2" and 175 lbs, I have a very scrawny bum and have always had trouble riding for more than a couple hours a day. I have used padded bicycle shorts under my clothes for a little relief but they helped minimally. I thought maybe to buy one of the expensive air pads but decided to try this based on 3 positive reviews and my current budget.

I was very skeptical about how well this would work and truly expected the beads to be uncomfortable on my bottom. I was totally shocked when I first sat on it and I could not tell that I was sitting on a bunch of beads. Last weekend I took an unprecedented 6 hour ride into the NC mountains. Previously I would have been very sore and uncomfortable and constantly shifting around in my seat because of soreness. With this beaded seat cover, I had virtually no discomfort.

I was actually on the verge of considering selling my bike because I rode so little (only 12000 miles on an 08 Wing) but now I am ready to go again and again. Will be riding to a state park this weekend and making more plans for several more rides including a possible multi-day trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Hi Highly recommend this for anyone that experiences discomfort in their bum when riding.

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Lawton, OK
Bead me up, Scotty!

I thought this would end up being a wasted investment, boy was I wrong! Just enough airflow between your butt and the seat to prevent sweating and the beads themselves help you stay alert by preventing numbness in the buttocks and upper thighs, great product!

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  • GL1800 2001-2016
  • GL1800 Trikes
  • GL1500 Trikes
  • GL1200, GL1100
  • Harley Dressers
  • Universal fit