Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover


Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
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Oversize Motorcycle Beaded Seat Covers fit Gold Wing seats and any motorcycle with a large seat. Keeps you cool with air flowing underneath you in hot days, no more sticking to your seat in hot weather. Fits Gold Wings, Harley Dressers, BMW's or any large seat. Measures 11.5 x 15.

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Wildersville, TN
Not worth the money

I bought one of these hoping it would make for a more comfortable ride. It didn't. When you remove you'll have to be careful and not lose the whit end pcs. You'll be wise to spend your money elsewhere.

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BurrOak, MI
poor quality

I was going on a long vacation with my wife and thought this would make a more comfortable ride. The seat cover did make it possible for both of us to stay in the seat longer, but the quality of materials and workmanship left a lot to be desired. I spent every day at the end and many times throughout the day repairing the cover before getting back to riding. I believe the 4lb test fishing line should have been some other material and better assemble instead of the ends just bent over and stuffed into the closest bead.
for this reason I would not recommend the purchase of this cover,although it did make for a more comfortable ride when it was not coming apart.

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Hardinsburg, KY
Customer service update

Since my first review of this seat cover and my stated dissatisfaction with customer service I've been contacted twice by customer service, voluntarily issued a full refund and informed that they've found an issue with their "Contact us" email link. So I now rescind my previous review of Wingstuff customer service and can say they've been very forthcoming and straight with me.

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Hardinsburg, KY
Missing pieces

When my seat cover arrived it was missing one of the hooks. Not that big of a deal because I can replace it but I contacted Wingstuff about this issue and have not received a single response from them. Poor customer service in my opinion. Glad it was a relatively cheap item.

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Sebastian, FL
Five Stars

Bought it on a whim. Had for 6 months and finally put it on. Rode one tank and took it off. Got back on the bike and rode about 50 miles pulled over on the shoulder of the road and put it back on. I never ride without it. I have what is called "assata l" I have no "A-S at all"

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  • GL1800 2001-2016
  • GL1800 Trikes
  • GL1500 Trikes
  • GL1200, GL1100
  • Harley Dressers
  • Universal fit