Iso Grip Color Accent Rings


Iso Grip Color Accent Rings
$8.99 to $9.99
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Just what you need to customize or repair your Kuryakyn ISO-Grips or ISO-Flame Grips. Colored Kuryakyn Grip Accent Rings allow you to further customize your ride. Longer screws allow the use of up to three accent rings per grip (two if you use ISO-Throttle Boss). Available in Knurled outer surface.

Fitment Note - Not for use with Kuryakyn Transformer Grips

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Brighton, CA
Do I Need ISO Grip Color Accent Rings

To my 2012 Gold Wing I will be adding Kury Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips and Kury bar end weights. A friend said he's not sure, but he thinks rings might be needed between the grips and bar end weights. I see Kury offers ISO Grip Color Accent Rings. Are these necessary? Or are they just bling?

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Canon City, CO
ISO Grip Color Accent Rings

I did not see anywhere in the ad where the size of the rings was listed or a comment stating these WOULD NOT not fit stock grips. They appear to be quality rings but the description is slim and lacking. These do not fit stock grips. Must have the larger ISO grips, just saying. I needed spacers for stock grips. Not worth sending back since shipping would cost more than the product.

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Saskatoon, CA
Added Colour

The red ring between the black grip and the black weight just looks good.

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Jacksonville, FL
Finish the Look

I didn't order these at first. It wasn't until I had already installed the Grips, Throttle master and weights that I noticed the empty recess for the Accent Ring. After ordering these and installing them, it really made a difference against the black colored grips.

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Duluth, GA
Whats the point??

OK....if you follow this around you'll see the point. First time i've ordered something from Kury that has failed so spectacularly. So I ordered the Black heated grip covers..figured I'd add the bar weights failed...therefore these extension rings failed and further more the weights were in turn useless. This was about the worst I've ever been stung for a waste of money. All told...over $125 for nothing. Total disappointment.

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