Doran Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Monitor System 2-Wheels

Dekalb, IL
Wish I Had This Years Ago

Bought mine 5/2012. Finally getting around to writing the review. I mounted mine where the optional Battery Gauge goes below the right side pocket. Took my time and used black silicon rubber to seal it around the outside and secure it behind the panel after I cut it out. Looks like it was made to be mounted there! So after mounting I screwed the sensors on the stock valve stems (bad idea)and took off. After a couple months, I lost the front sensor from vibration even with the clips on. Called Mfg and ordered a replacement sensor and was also informed you need to use the included steel stems for mounting sensors on the outside. Guess I missed that part as I found that all that vibration also cracked the rubber seal on the valve stem. I had just purchased the tires a couple months ago so another trip back to the shop to have them unmount, install included valve stems and sensors (inside this time) and remount. No problems after that. I've had the Doran and original sensors for 4 years now and 2 sets of tires since I installed it and it has worked flawless. Front sensor started going out a couple months ago. It would loose connection to the Doran at night and start working during the day. Probably due to temperature change as the battery is weak. I called the Mfg and ordered a new set of sensors. When I told the guy at Doran that I've had these sensors for 4 years he said WOW! Most guys were only getting about 18 months out of the sensors. He also told me that they redesigned them for that same reason and sensor life should be twice that. He also told me that the price went up after the redesign to $39.95/ea. I only paid $25 for the first sensor replacement back in 2012 after the bonehead mistake I made with the valve stems. So, $80 now for replacement sensors instead of $50. If I get another 4 years out of the new sensors I'll be just as happy. I'm getting maximum tire life since I bought the Doran as I keep my tires at a constant 40 and 41. Well worth the money in my opinion and I always know my tire pressure without having to lay down and check that rear tire pressure!

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Laurel, MT
Peace of mind at a price

Bought these a year or so ago. After reading some reviews about direct connect or aux. Decided to go with direct connect to get instant tire pressure reading. It did do a job on my motorcycle battery and may be the reason batteries only lasted one short season. Two batteries are half the price of new unit, and Doran is pretty proud to tell you. I disconnected for now, went back to tire pressure gauge. Debating on whether to spend money every year.

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Ride with confidence

The install was very straight forward. The configuration was quick. The concerns that I have are, it takes too long when you first start up motorcycle before it syncs up and can tell you the actual starting pressure and I am concerned about putting the sensors in the wheel since it look likes you can not add wheel balance beads after you seat the tire on the bead.

It has already notified me about low pressure, later to be found as a screw in the tire. Works great!

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Englewood, CO
love mine

I love the peace of mind this unit gives me over the factory TPMS. I have had the unit mounted and operational for over a year now, I'm sure that I will soon need to replace the sensors but it's like insurance, you hate to pay the bill until you need it.
When I can figure out how to attach pictures I will post so the mounting can be seen.

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not good

Sending unit failed after one year air pressure display was 10lbs off from actual, not worth the money.

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Muncie, IN
Wish I could say 5 Star

I'll start positive . Love seeing my tire pressures. I have lost two tires and one accident from low pressure in a rear tire. Was easy to install I have a old cell phone mount on my brake reservoir . I used velcro that in my kit was missing. I'm going to mount it with part of the handlebar mount soon. I wired mine direct I use a float charger always so power drain will not matter. Unit is easy to read and works as advertised . One thing that surprised me was on 90 degree days lately and even on 2 lane roads I've noticed a 8-10 pound increase in pressures. So if you run your pressures higher than recommended just keep that in mind.
Ok things I dont like . The main unit is huge , yes I knew the measurements before ordering but on the bike it looks terrible. It looks like something you built from Radio Shack. The buttons are to small and very hard to push. With gloves on I can't push them. I would rather see constant cycling of my pressures instead of " ON " The sensors are also huge , Yes they are the size of quarters but on your stems they stand out. They are very heavy about the weight of 3 quarters but remember they are on your valve stems rotating at god knows what speed. Even with metal valve stems they make me nervous. Im going inside tire mount soon. The alert sound needs way more volume. That all being said I like what it does I feel very comfortable riding now without the low pressure worries. I do obviously believe there is a lot of room for improvement but appears to be the best thing going now for 200 bucks.

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Possible solution to frequent sensor replacement

I frequently leave my bike parked for weeks or months at a time, so couldn’t see any reason I’d want to have sensors transmitting 24/7/365. So when I installed my Doran TPM I did an external sensor placement (with steel valve stems), and wired a hidden, but easily accessible rocker switch in the 12V power lead to the Doran monitor.

When it’s time to park the bike for a while, I just turn off the monitor with the rocker switch and remove the sensors from the wheels; I’m pretty sure that the sensors stop broadcasting after some fairly short period of time. Yes, the batteries will still wear down eventually just because all batteries do, but they should last a lot longer than if they’re sending out a signal every few minutes day in and day out.

The test: after the sensors have been off the bike for an hour or so, and the monitor off, flip on the rocker to supply power to the Doran monitor. The monitor waits and waits, but nothing ever shows up, because evidently the sensors are not transmitting. With the monitor still on, reinstall the sensors, and bingo, they immediately show up on the monitor.

Anything wrong with this logic?

I’m giving 4 stars, even though the system works great, because I think the monitor is a real eyesore. It’s just a box, ~2” x 1 ⅝” x 1 ⅜”, and sticks out like a sore thumb. I try to have my various ‘farkles’ look like they came with the bike, not just a bunch of crap and junk stacked all over the place. I think it would be a great improvement to shrink the monitor box down to something about the size of a small matchbox; much easier to integrate into an existing dashboard. I do realize, however, that most people could care less, and will be quite happy having the monitor box sticking up off their handlebars.

I do appreciate that one option is to hide the monitor box somewhere, and just use the included alarm light (a nice touch), but I like to be able to just push a button at any time to check pressures.

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Evanston, WY
Saved my nine day trip.

Had no problems installing and programing. Made a custom bracket that has worked well. Left on a 9 day trip with new tires and the TPMS. On the start of the fourth day I inspected my tires and discovered a nail buried in my rear tire. I knew if I pulled it out it could go flat. But with the Tire pressure monitor I knew it would let me know if I was losing pressure. So I drove 2000+ miles and completed the trip without an interruption. Never did lose any air pressure. I was so glad to have this tire pressure monitor. It made it possible to ride with confidence and finish the trip on schedule. Love my Doran TPMS.

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Charlotte, NC
pros and cons

pros: This is a great product and works very well. I modified the mounting bracket to mount to the top bolt of the clutch lever. It looks real nice there.

Cons: every 2 years you need to buy new sensors Because the battries die. This cost $70 for a set of two and the reprogramming each time they are replaced is very frustrating.

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Mounting the Doran

I mounted mine on top of the Goldwing emblem just above the gas cap using velcro, that way it can be seen and checked while riding and also be removed later without leaving a hole where mounted. Batteries usually last about two to three years before needing replaced and I wired mine direct so I can see the pressure before taking off (that might make the battery go out faster but I like it this way) I have had it on the 2008 and have another one on the 2012. I think this is one of the most important add on's to buy even with the TPS that the new bikes have.

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