Non-Lighted Cruise Boards for GL1800


Non-Lighted Cruise Boards for GL1800
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Ergo II LED Non-Lighted Highway Boards for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing are the best Highway Board available for the GL1800, offering the most ground clearance & adjustability than any other brand available!

Küryakyn Ergo II Highway boards offer a wide range of adjustment offering the most ground clearance & are available in Non-Lighted or LED Lighted Versions. Sturdy two-piece clamp easily installs & locates the arm mounting point high & tight for excellent cornering clearance. Offered with numerous footrest options, provides a wide range of adjustability & comfort. It is the responsibility of the installer or the end user to ensure they do not interfere with the operation or cornering clearance of the motorcycle.

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Suffolk, VA
Look great

These floorboards get more comments than my other accessories and that is because they look great! I gave them 4 stars because of functionality. The fairing on the GL1800 makes any footpeg placement a challenge, but at 6 feet tall I have to place these too close to me to actually stretch out and not drag them everywhere. I have had more luck with the Ergo II. They do offer more versatility over pegs because you can move your feet into several positions and that is great for long rides.

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Miami, FL
Good Product

The product is great for anyone that does a lot of miles as I do. However, I would not recommend them to anyone who lives near the ocean as salt air can cause the chrome to peel.

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Kingsford, MI
ordered 3 times to get one

Just wanted to say thanks to wingstuff for returning and shipping out new sets. Finally got a good one.

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Island Lake South Alberta, CA
Only one fault

The GL1800 needs some room to stretch for most of us. These did the trick for me. Average height and inseam I needed the extra reach these provided. Adjustment took a couple tries to get it right, but not too tough. What's really needed is the shorter arms as an option when you buy the kit, the 6" arms were too long for my needs, the 4" are better IMO

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Glenwood City, WI
Did the trick!

Installed the lighted cruise boards this past weekend and adjusted them as best as possible. I'm 5'8" and they feel great! We're heading down to Wind Ding 35 this year and had to have some sort of highway pegs. I really used the ones on my 1100 all the time so adding a platform type to a more comfortable bike seemed like a no brainer. Easy to install and used a small chrome wire loom to cover the wires from arm to bike.

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