Ring Puck LED Lights w/Full 360 Degree Lighting

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Ring Puck LED Lights w/Full 360 Degree Lighting
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RingPuk LED lights feature chrome housings with an array of 10 bright LED’s all around, creating an amazing lighting effect anywhere you want a full 360 degrees around.  Available in solid Blue or White Use these anywhere to create any lighting effect you desire. Measures 1 1/2 and sold each.

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Mountain View, CA

I put one on each side tie wrapped to the radiator grill. Found out it gets a bit too hot and the hot glue inside the pucks melts and makes a mess. It's cleanable but now, not all the LED's are working. Don't put them near the radiator or anything hot.

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Moncks Corner, SC

Ordered 2, the multi-color has great flashing patterns, haven't figured out where to put them yet to get the full effect, let me know if you have a good place for them, I am thinking I will put them behind the chrome air intakes of my fairing. We will see!!

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These lights are a great show piece on any bike. I would give it 6 stars. (RED-RIDER)

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