Mens Heated Carbon Gloves


Mens Heated Carbon Gloves
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DC-heated, produces 15 watts of heat at 12.8 Volts (each glove) and should be used with a Firstgear Heat-Troller for optimum safety. Grade-A, top-grain, drum-dyed cowhide construction with a Porelle breathable, waterproof membrane. Thinsulate layer and pre-curved fingers and finger-mounted, rubber, faceshield wiper.

NOTE: Part # TR512837 Firstgear DC Coax Plug Y Harness is required for connecting heated gloves to a Heat-Troller™ without a heated jacket liner. (see related products below)

  • Elastic wrist and adjustable hook-and-loop gauntlet closure 
  • Reinforced protection in palm 
  • Reflective piping on top

1 Member Reviews

Hot Thumbs up

I used there with the dual portable heat troller and had no issues. First gear gloves get a big hot thumbs up!! How anybody could ride with these at full power is beyond me, the right glove fits good but seems to have a small fold or bunch under the fingers when grabbing the throttle, which I think will go away as they break in. The left golve is perfect except for the thumb which seems to have the material inside sorta rolled at the tip, again I think it will break in and be fine.

Now for the heating, it was 45* when I left the house and I didnt make it to the first curve and had to turn them down from full power to half, my fingers were very hot more so on the right than the left. Once I got on the interstate I turned them off just to see how they do without power and it took a few min but I did start to feel them getting cool, so kicked the power back on to 1/2 and rode on. I figured out the right gets hotter because of my grip, the elements are on top of the fingers so gripping tighter pulls them close to your fingers. The left hane is relaxed and fingers loose so more air space in there and the heat is off the fingers. I tried a tight grip on the left and sure enough it got hotter. By the time I got to work 30 miles later I had turned them down to about 3.5 out of 10 on the dial and was still plenty warm.

Second test was a 500 mile trip over night in the dark at temps from 42-50 and they worked great the whole time. Turned them off for a about a 100 miles stretch just to see how they work with out heat and they kept me warm enough.About 400 miles into the trip my knuckles were starting to get a little raw and hurt but I think this would happen with any brand new pair of gloves.

Today it was 25* when I left for work, and had them turned up to full power for the first 10 miles on the interstate running 80Mph. After that I had to turn them down to 3/4 power and all was good. I have had them for a little over 1400 miles of use now, and the left thumb is fine now but the right does seem to have a small amount of overlap in the fingers but not nearly as bad as before and It seems to be slowly wearing in.

I really like them overall and think as they wear in over anothe 1000 miles they will be perfect.

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