Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer fits GL1800 Gold Wing


Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer fits GL1800 Gold Wing
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Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer for GL1800 allows you to put assorted items in your trunk neatly and well organized. Features two large wide center pockets upper and lower, two side taller pockets with velcro closure across top pocket flaps. Kit includes longer black screws to make installation super easy, installs in minutes.

Note - If you pack trunk organizer pockets too full and store helmets inside the trunk, it may be a tight fit. We carry mini style trunk lid organizers, however they are very small in size and have minimal storage capacity. This Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer is one of our best selling items, riders and co-riders will enjoy knowing everything in their trunk now has a special place.

Fits any year GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle

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Paradise, CA
Quick Release, what I wanted!!

I bought this lid organizer for my new '17 Gold Wing. My other '04 Wing has Wingstuff original fixed lid organizer which is working really great and I love it. However, I really needed one that easy to remove.

I have been wearing Nolan helmet over 10 years and the helmet needs a helmet lock extension. One day I lost the helmet extension, I was going to put my helmet inside the trunk but not fit at all because the organizer reduced the trunk size. I didn't want to remove screws, so I had to carry my helmet everywhere that day.

I always carry extra helmet lock extensions now, but instant removable organizer will help when I have to leave my helmet inside the trunk.

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Olathe, KS
Does what I want it to do.

That is, hold a couple 12v plugs and hold 1 or 2 cell phones while charging. I bought a 12v splitter where I had 2 12v plugs and wanted to wire them in, but wanted them up in the lid and not down in the trunk area. Didn't want to spend the money on one of the more expensive brands, if I was going to cut on it, modify, etc. The simplicity of the Wingstuff version sold me on it. I knew going it, that the provided longer screws were questionable, or quite possibly, damaging to the outer painted panel. So, being somewhat OCD, I did some searching and found a thread where a particular type screw was listed along with 3 part numbers of various lengths. One, was the OEM screw for the trunk lid under panel at 12mm. Another, the 93903-25380 was listed at 18mm long. They all had the same thread pitch, so I was excited to not tear up the plastic with too long, wrong pitched screws. The best part? Your local Honda CAR dealer's list price is around $0.58 cents each. My local dealer had them the next day. Had to elongate the lower holes in the organizer quite a bit for the mounting holes to line up. But once that was done, the new Honda screws mounted it perfectly. For around $3 (wholesale), Wingstuff should really start including a better screw. Nobody will care (or notice) if the organizer is $28, when all the others are $45 or more. But they'll notice if the end pokes through the paint. Plus it just feels good to put the same thread pitch screw back in the plastic hole. 5 stars for value, 4 stars for fitment, 3 stars for the hardware.

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Thumper Ken
Youngstown, OH
Reduces trunk size.

All I wanted was a place to put my maps. Easy installation but it wouldn't close with a helmet in the trunk. I took the Wingstuff pouch off and threw the rest of it away. Attached the pouch to the trunk lid and put my maps in. That's all I really wanted.

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Crystal City, MO

This is easy to install and is great for storing all types of things.

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Nice Gadget

It's nice to be able to organize the little items that you carry in your trunk but it does steal away extra storage space like everyone else has mentioned in the previous posts. I would be nice if they designed it with springs at the mounting points so that it could flex back if you wanted to put a helmet in the trunk.

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