Factory C.D. Player Kit


Factory C.D. Player Kit
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GL1800 Hondaline CD Player Six discs are loaded and unloaded individually. CD Changer Unit mounts inside a specifically designed compartment within the trunk.

Integrated six disc CD Changer Unit is designed to meet the stringent engineering standards Honda has become famous for, providing hours of digital sound and quality.

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Mesquite, TX

Bought one of these back in 2004 for the Goldwing. Had it in there for 11 years, then had it installed in the new Goldwing I traded the old one in for. It has worked great in both bikes for 13 years. FYI though, it will skip and lock sometimes if you have homemade cd's. The player has trouble reading the homemade one's sometimes. Never had a problem with any other cd's.

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Monroe, LA
Torn, CD or MP3

I have a 02 Wing that I have had for 4 years next month. The bike had under 12,000 miles on it when I bought it but now has 65,000. My CD player has worked well for 4 years...I don't know how long it had been in the bike before I got it but just recently it has gotten to where it will not play all the CD's and I have 3 stuck inside. Looking at getting the mp3 bluetooth in the bike so I can use my cell but I am low tech and have no way to download songs onto a SD card. I like my CD's also but in this case I may just have to go to the mp3 player to get away from the moving parts of the CD player and get even more years of use.

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CD player

I guess I'm one of those lucky ones. Never had problems with mine in the 6 years I been playing it and play it I do. It is on the whole time I'm riding and never missed a lick. everyday while on a trip I change out the 6 cds to different ones as I like different types of music while riding. If something would happen to it I would get another one. I figure after 6 years it might happen at anytime but who knows.

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This CD player is a problem. On installation it worked well for a short period. Now it sticks, wont change disks. Tell me 'change mech error, Owner's manual does not identify this sympto or repair. To remove for service is alo a pain. Am considering installing some device that will operate off the "aux outlet" and be more reliable. A lot of problems for such an expensive accessory.

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Henderson, NV

Though it works ok I did have a few problems changing CD's. They would get stuck. This didn't happen but a few times and the player is 4 years old. I give it only two stars because it does NOT play MP3 cds. You would think a player that cost this much would play MP3. Buyer be ware.

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