All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B

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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
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Are you getting front end wobbles?, Is there an indentation feeling in the center point when turning your handlebars from left to right? Are your steering stem bearings worn out?

Improve handling by installing famous All Balls tapered steering bearings. All Balls is exactly what you need to create better handling beyond what factory bearings can offer.

These are a direct replacement for the stock steering stem bearings. Far outlast stock bearings and work better than stock OEM bearings. We highly recommend upgrading your stock fork springs to the Progressive Fork Springs which offer far better dampening than the softer stock fork springs.

You can easily do this at the same time as replacing your steering stem bearings with these performance All Balls stem bearings. Kit includes upper and lower tapered bearings, cones and seals. 

Whether needing to replace worn out bearings or not, upgrading to All Balls is the best way to increase handing and stability besides installing a fork brace and Progressive Fork Springs. Ask anyone who has installed these along with a fork brace and springs, it makes an amazing difference..

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Danville, CA
Better than new.

I just put these on along with Progressive Mono Tube Forks and now my 2012 with over 60,000 miles feels better than when it was new. Low speed maneuvers are so firm and when I get aggressive on the high speed peg grinders the feel is rock solid. I wish I did this 40,000 miles ago. Now I need to go back and attack some of my favorite roads.

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Belding , MI
Roller Neck Bearings

I have a 2003 1800 Wing, that had the Honda Wobble ( at 30-40 mph slow down. I first tried the Ceramic Beads, which helped the cupping of the front tire, but did nothing for the wobble. Then I spent the money to have the All Ball Roller Bearings installed and had the same results as the Beads (did Nothing for the Wobble). Then about a year later when I replace the front tire, I put in new Wheel Bearings, that was the answer after three years of trying to get rid of the Wobble it was gone. TRY THE FRONT WHEEL BEARINGS BEFORE YOU GO TO THE EXPENCES ON TROBLE OF THE ROLLER BEARINGS.

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San Diego, CA
1800 must do

I understand why Honda went from the roller bearings to the ball bearings but I don't think it was a good move by Honda engineers. The roller bearings were used in the 1500 for years and they had no problems but when they designed the 1800 they went to what they were using on the track. The Ball Berings are great for the lighter bikes and give you a much lighter force to turn the handle bars but Honda missed the target on this one. The balls have such a small surface area that there is to much force per square inch for the design on the 1800. at 77k miles I could feel the detentes in the steering caused by the balls beating pockets into the race surface. The bearings at this point started to loosen up so it was time to replace them with the proper design of bearing. The roller type of bearing will support the weight and not cause damage to the race so I expect these bearings to last the same as the ones in the 1500s. 200k or 300k miles for these instead of 77k and coompletely shot.

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Solid Front End

Last year I picked up a wobble that quickly turned to a "controlled crash" coming home from a ride on 2010 Wing. The first thing I turned to in my research was the steering bearings. While replacing the bearings, I rebuilt the forks, and installed Traxxion progressive springs. Installing the bearings outside of a dealer requires a few special tools and being an experienced mechanic. If in doubt take it to the dealer.

I installed my bearings without a driver by freezing the steering stem in dry ice, and using the old races as a "driver" for tapping the new bearings in. Now, my Wing is a whole new ride. Tight right turns are now a breeze. As with all the other posts, I agree that Honda dropped the ball with their ball bearings. Please note, these bearings may not solve all front end wobbles, I sincerely feel that one should replace their Honda bearings with All Balls!!!!!

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Scranton, PA

About 6-8 months after we bought the bike, we have experienced a "wobble" in the front end, mostly at the 40-30 MPH range, BUT it was noticeable ALL THE TIME! It chewed up my tires & was very fatiguing on my hands & arms... We bought the Super Fork Brace, it helped only a little, we tried changing tires,but after about 500 + miles, the wobble was back, So we tried the Centramatic Wheel Balancers...Only helped a little...Tried new / different tires again, same deal...I was ready to sell the bike because it was getting so bad...Finally we tried changing the bearings to ALL BALLS BEARINGS!!...WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!NO MORE WOBBLE...AT ALL!!!!!
I also did change the tires when we did the bearing install, and it was like riding on rails...Smooth as glass, I only wish that we did this FIRST!!!I could have saved ALOT of $$$$ However I must say the combination of the fork brace, centramatic balancers and the new bearings have elongated the tire wear by about double! I am so happy to finally have the wobble gone!! Youd think Honda would upgrade for the few dollars difference to give us a better ride!! (Yeah Right!) Five stars all the way!!!

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