All Balls Gold Wing Steering Bearings

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All Balls Gold Wing Steering Bearings
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Are you getting front end wobbles?, Feel an indentation feeling in the center point when turning your handlebars from left to right? Are your steering stem bearings worn out?. Improve handling by installing our famous All Balls tapered steering bearings. All Balls is exactly what you need to create better handling beyond what factory bearings can offer.

These are a direct replacement for the stock steering stem bearings. Far outlast stock bearings and work better than stock oem bearings. We highly recommend upgrading your stock fork springs to the Progressive Fork Springs which offer far better dampening that the softer stock fork springs.

You can easily do this at the same time as replacing your steering stem bearings with these performance All Balls stem bearings. Kit includes upper and lower tapered bearings, cones and seals. 

Whether needing to replace worn out bearings or not, upgrading to All Balls is the best way to increase handing and stability besides installing a fork brace and Progressive Fork Springs. Ask anyone who has installed these along with a fork brace and springs, it makes an amazing difference..

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Las Vegas, NV
Money Well Spent

Lots of work to install but took care of the "dead spot" at the center of steering and the annoying front end wobble. More than pleased with the results.

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Big Bird
Hello manly roller bearings, goodbye wobble

I had these installed at the same time I put in monotubes. It's a bit more work but definitely a savings to get both down together. I'm sure glad I ran into them on the various forums and here, as I'd hate to have a new suspension with the same old wobble. I can't imagine NOT getting this done if you're doing any significant front end work. The front end now tracks rock solid. Awesome.

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30 to 40 MPH frontend wobble

The front wobbles, GONE!
A pain to install but well worth it.

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Andover, MN
A Must have.

The 30-40 mph wobble is gone. When you see the stock bearings you will know why it wobbled. Too small and cheap.

Torqued my bearings to 20 ft lbs. Steered it some and then backed it off. Retorqued to 17 ft pounds and it is perfect. A lot of different opinions on the torque settings, but my steering was too tight when I went higher. It should also be kept in mind that most of our torques wrenches probably differ a bit and most people have never had their wrench re-calibrated after purchasing it.

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Wyoming, MN
No More Wobble

Installed these this spring. I can now take my hands off the handle bars at 60 MPH and coast to a stop without any wobble at all. Torqued to 22 Ft lbs after much research online. This seems to be working great. If anything maybe just a hair tight at slow speeds under 20 MPH. Otherwise the bike handles great

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