Stretchable Lower Trunk Net


Stretchable Lower Trunk Net
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GL1500, GL1800 stretchable lower trunk net goes across lower rear of your GL1800 Trunk. Easily attaches to screw holes in the front or back of the trunk for customized storage.

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Montgomery, AL
Not great, but it ok

On my 2017 Goldwing, this net only makes sense in the fore end of the trunk, or the front end where the seat attaches. It provides an area for items, to keep them from sliding around. I was able to use two screws at the bottom of the trunk and had to install two bolts for the top attachment points.

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Door Guy
Don't waste your money

Just tried installing this in in my 2013 XM-ABS Goldwing and what a disappointment. Glad I didn't spend much on it. The attachment screws accessible on the back side of the trunk are too high and too close together so anything put in it or behind it WILL fall out. Also due to the curvature of the back end of the trunk it would take up more space than I'm willing to give up. Save your money!

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Oskaloosa, KS
Dual Storage

I use this net a little different than was intended, but my guess is it's probably being used in about every configuration possible. But for me it works best to fasten it up in the lid, all four corners to the top two screws only - both right ends together on the right and both left ends fastened at top left. That way the net sort of hangs down and 'holds' things. And when I close the trunk it naturally falls inside easily without me having to do anything with it. And it takes up virtually no room - certainly none in the bottom part of the trunk. And just this weekend I also installed the trunk organizer in the trunk lid and put the net back, over the new organizer, like described above, and now I have BOTH for storage/organization in the trunk without sacrificing much real estate at all. Is not cumbersome to open organizer pockets or place items in net. Would probably make more sense if I posted a pic, maybe I will. But it really works. Net is durable IMO. I would recommend.

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Tucson, AZ
Does the job

Keeps small stuff from rolling around.

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WA Biker
Seattle's Eastside, WA
Pleasant Surprise

I was expecting not to like or use this much, but I do! I mounted mine against the back wall of the trunk and it keeps stuff from rolling around in the trunk when I don't have it stuffed full. When I am not using it, it's outta the way. I like that. Come to think of it, I actually have the Hondaline version, but how much different can it be, eh?

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  • GL1500 1988-2000
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017