Pulsating Brake Light Controller


Pulsating Brake Light Controller
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Warn drivers you're stopping with pulsating brake lights for the back of your Gold Wing. With this controller you can activate up to 6 brake lights to flash automatically and then stay on with a single squeeze of your brakes. The soft switching technology does not harm the life of your brake lights, so ride in confidence and be seen. Fits all Honda GL1500 and GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles.

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Sterling, VA
Couldn't do it myself

I researched this item before purchasing. Read the reviews, watched the videos and checked out the forums. I thought I was well prepared to install. I then spent 2 hours trying to locate the C31 connector under the seat of my 2012 GL1800 Motor Trike. I gave up and since I was headed to the dealer for service maintenance I had them install it. Haven't had a reason to remove the seat yet but when I do I'll be checking where they made the damn splice for the unit.

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Cville, IN
Thanks to the reviews, easy install

Instructions are sufficiently vague to be nearly worthless.
But, it works very nicely, sure gets people's attention, hard to ignore.

I found an unused frame hole and used a spare bolt for attaching the ground wire. But I had to add a bit of wire to the brake wire, not quite long enough after clipping it.

More lights for safety!

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cartersville, GA
Good product, worthless instructions

If ya cant install it, ya cant use it! worthless instructions. First locate the brake light wiring harness. Yeah, right. That is like saying first locate the titanic, and then....
So - where is the harness? Remove the seat. On the right side of the bike, beneath where the passenger seat is, underneath the frame tubing, in a clear plastic sleeve cover. Dig down there, its underneath the frame tube.
It is gray in color. 14 pin connector. 6 pins on one side, 8 pins on the other side (6+8=14). One of those wires is green with a red stripe on it. That is it! Put a multimeter voltage tester on it to be sure - with ign on, when you step on the brake (either) you should get 12 volts on the pin. That is it.
I cut the wire, and soldered an extension on both ends of the cut wire to have more room to put the controller where i want. And you will probably need to extend the ground wire supplied to be able to get it to any place grounded.
Concept is great. Finding it without the help of this forum would be impossible.

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Augusta, MI
Booger to Install on Goldwing!

Tried to install this a couple of days ago on my '08 Wing. I found the wrong green/red wire like so many others. Drove me nuts!. Finally read a review from Doug on 12/29/2010 which gave me a hint as to where the correct wire was.

Went back at it today. Needed a pick and a shovel to get down to the correct set of wires. Buried on right side under passenger seat under another connector. Found the green/red wire on the connector where others said it would be. Cut it, connected it and grounded it to the frame. Works like a charm.

Frustrating, but worth it! It does get your attention!

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Athol, ID
CSC Trike Install

I just installed this on my CSC 2010 trike. The video shows the plug, but it is not located where it shows in the video. I am letting anyone know that it is inside a large black rubber cover to the rear of that cross member on the frame under the seat. It is a red and green wire. Man I look like a Christmas tree when I stop now. Great little, and I mean little, device.

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