Kuryakyn Trunk Organizer w/Mirror


Kuryakyn Trunk Organizer w/Mirror
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Kuryakyn Removable Trunk Lid Organizer with Hide-Away Mirror for Honda Gold Wing GL1800 keeps important items at your fingertips. Variety of padded & see-through mesh compartments offer protection & easy accessibility for frequently used items as well as a Small Built In Hide-Away Mirror.

Who says you can’t take it with you? Quick disconnect fasteners & handles make it easily portable and remove in seconds. Kit includes Lid Organizer Bag & 1/4 Turn Mounting Connectors. Measures 12” Tall x 22” Wide

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Toronto, CA
Snug fit and.....

The reinforcement snap together surrounds for the holes come apart under strain. Don't worry they go back together easily. I will have to move things around slightly to get all the clips on properly. Not sure if warming this up with a hair dryer or leaving it in the sun to expand a bit might help fitment issues but it was tight. Only had it on one day but quality seems very good. Better than the saddleman top box organizer it replaced.

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Outstanding Complement to my Luggage

As usual with Kuryakyn, I REALLY like their quality of engineering and workmanship.

1. Following the instructions to mount it works.

2. The material is very slightly stretchable and also has a bit of memory from being folded up in its package, so it took a minor amount of stretching to get the last lower corner mounted. With the slight stretch, the surface is flat and the bags stable and readily accessible.

3. With a convenient 1/4-turn twist of each anchor wing, the entire kit comes off, folds up, secures with the permanently-attached velcro straps (see 2nd photo) and is carryable with permanently-attached handles, both of which tuck neatly out of sight when the organizer is mounted.

4. With the organizer removed, the mounting anchor wings LOOK like they belong there: they're very professional looking and look like they will last a lifetime.

5. The mirror (not shown in pictures) APPEARS to be a polished (or chromed) rectangular piece of steel (it feels heavier than aluminum for the thickness), permanently mounted in a leather (vinyl?) pouch behind a sheet of translucent plastic. So the image is (unfortunately) blurry. It is permanently attached to 2 webbing straps and neatly tucked in the pocket just under the "Kuryakyn" label. But it is certainly good enough to see if your hair is combed, which is all I ever used my last trunk mirror for (on a 1985 Anniversary Limited-Edition GL1200), so it will work for my needs. (Don't expect for it to be good enough for a someone to apply eye makeup or anything that requires a clear view.) Of course, one COULD get a real glass mirror made, but mounting it in a way that would protect it from stress would be a bit tricky, and so perhaps the chromed-steel version is a tad safer.

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Amarillo, TX
Convienent but cheap

I needed a briefcase for the road. Does this work? Yes. holds a good knife, flags, cards,pens, and small stuff that would normally rattle around in the back.

CONS: There is a plastic grommet around the bag. This is to keep it from tearing. EVERY SINGLE ONE broke apart while installing. I was able to snap them back, but 1 star removed for cheap parts.

The rest of the materials seem fine. I don't see any obstruction issues, but then I also don't set my helmets in flat. I lay them on their sides, or use a skid lid.

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Federal Way, WA
Trunk Organizer

Installs in 5 minutes. Very easy. I chucked the mirror tho, the pocket it comes in leaves it hard to get out, Besides I can use the bike mirrors if I need one that bad. This looks very handy. I was right away able to neatly stow some pens and such that were in the bottom of the trunk. Good use of otherwise dead space.

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Good product. My wife and I do long touring rides without the use of a trailer. I was able to install this take advantage of the pockets/storage the product itself offers. But, the biggest advantage for us was i was able to fold up my half cover and a pair of gloves behind the actual unit. Utilizing the dead space. This freed up other space for us in the side bags. I have no issue at all with this product id buy it again

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