LED Multi Color Infinity Trunk Lights


LED Multi Color Infinity Trunk Lights
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Kuryakyn GL1800  Accessory Infinity Lights  perform appearing as graceful chrome accents until you bring them to life with the supplied controller. Now, an array of multi-function L.E.D.’s illuminate steadily, flash, or continuously fade through red, lime, ice, sky blue, dark blue, purple & green in a display that gives the illusion of infinite depth. Color, flash speed, & color cycle rate are totally variable & power draw is minimal.

Few Honda Gold Wing motorcycle accessories will leave as many people staring in disbelief as Kuryakyn accessory Infinity Lights.

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Houston, TX
Very sharp day and night

It looks like a solid piece of chrome in the day and has a really neat infinity look when lit at night. The install was easy after I get past drilling into the trunk. If you follow the instructions step by step and check them off as you do them, there was no problem. I did use a large zip tie to run the wire into the front box compartment. I used the toggle switch that came with the lights since it is not compatible with the remote control unit for the other lights I had installed. It is my understanding that you can also use the remote control if you go with the lizard lights (compatible with the lizard lights but not the lights I chose).

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Yuma, AZ

These lights are amazing, housing adds "more chrome" to the back of the bike. Multi colored LED's that can be set from constant on to very fast flash and it changes colors. Not difficult to install took me about an hour, the time consuming part is taking the seat and covers off... Highly recommended

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Trebgast (Bavaria), DE

Very nice Item a littel hard to Install but a must have Item look's great

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Cantonment, FL

These things are just "too cool." The drawback is the expense, they cost a lot. Reasonable install process, but read the instructions carefully and be sure you understand them before moving forward on the sheet. They are incredible with the bike sitting still and can be seen clearly in daytime or nightime. Glad I bought them.

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Peoria, AZ

Love 'em! These look awesome when paired with my Lizard Lights. They are the same color and run in conjunction with the Lizard Light package. There are many options for lighting. You can run them as solid lights, blinking lights (with adjustable speed) one color, or change colors. Very versitile and a great lighting accent. By the way, these use the same connectors as the Lizard Lights so they were Plug n Play with the other lighing kit.

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  • GL1800 2001-2016
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2016
  • F6B 2013-2016