Mini Arms for Ergo II Highway Footpegs


Mini Arms for Ergo II Highway Footpegs
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Taller & GL1800 riders, stretch your legs and be comfortable. Mini Arms position your feet at the ergo mount with full adjustability to be behind, at, or in front. Spaced out for easy leg clearance around the fairing. These are a must have for taller riders and those who want more clearance away from the fairing.

NOTE: Fits Kuryakyn GL1800 4056 Ergo II Highway Pegs and GL1800 4064 Switchblade Highway Pegs and 4057 Mini Wing Boards. Only. Does Not Fit Kuryakyn Highway Boards or GL1500 older Ergo Pegs. Thanks to our reviewers for their valuable feedback regarding these not fitting Ergo Cruise Boards. These offer superb comfort on Kuryakyn Highway Pegs #4056 & #4064

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Las Vegas, NV
Verry nice

I'm 6 feet tall and this is the perfect solution for the Ergo II foot pegs. The standard arms were too long. These even look nicer. If you are 6 feet tall these are the arms for you.

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Canton, MS
comfort stretch

I switched to these from the 6" arms that came with the Ergo II and it made it much more comfortable for me. I'm 6' 1" with 36" inseam. It also moves the foot out just a little bit which helps the legs clear the side of the faring. I've got them aimed back to me just above horizontal. I should have picked this version first. Live and learn.

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Stevens, PA
Comfort at last

These are the arms the Ergo II should've come with. I'm 5'10" with 32" inseam. These are just right. They are angled a bit to the outside so your shins aren't hitting the fairing. Now I can stretch my legs instead of having them bent in an awkward position.

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Warner Robins, GA
Not much of a Difference

I bought these a few years ago and have been using them over several long distance rides, maybe I am the average 6' height but I did not notice a difference, I guess if you are over 6' tall it helps, so my point is if you are average height don't buy these they will not make a difference for you. Take Care and keep riding.

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Houston, TX
Great safety item for taller riders

I am 5' 11" with about a 30 inseam and bought the ergo II pegs with the standard arms since I didi not know this could have been bought with the short arms. Over the past 4 months, I had scraped the pegs at least 4 times, one of which shook the bike. When I put these short arms on, it increased my ground clearance by at least 3 inches since I no longer had to have the arms positioned below the engine. Now the short arms are angled slightly upward from horizontal and gave me the added clearance. They look great and are relatively easy to install especially if you already have the Ergo II mounted.

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