Tank Map Pouch for GL1800


Tank Map Pouch for GL1800
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Hopnel Map Pouch for GL1800 Gold Wing easily attaches in seconds and is a must have item! Tank Map Pouch made of marine grade vinyl with non-marring back, UV proof clear plastic mounts around yoke with a Velcro easy remove strap.

Important Note: May pose conflict with airbag usage - not recommended for use with Airbag Models.

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Phoenix, AZ
great product

I'm old fashioned like a map in frount of me, GPS does not work all the time.Took a minute to get the strap around. If you feed the strap vertically it is easier. good product. I copy sections of the map of the trip, stack them in the holder and remove each page when I'm done withit.

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Canton, OH

Pretty handy! Sometimes the GPS just isn't enough and those highlighted areas show up on a map when the GPS isn't giving you a clue that your gonna miss this great traveling feature. Simple and just a little tug gives you radio controls. Velcro ... wish I would have invented it!!

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Big E
Calgary, CA
Great Idea But

Even though we have a GPS I like a map to look at the big picture. I thought this pouch was the answer but like so many others I cannot get my fuel tank door to latch when I slide the tabs under. I know I'm just a pilot but I can't seem to figure out how to get this thing to work right. Other than that this is a great Idea.

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Calgary, Alberta, CA
Non electronic GPS with 12" display!

I like my maps...and I like to have them where I can see them. This is the ideal inexpensive map carrying and display unit that I could find out there for my GL1800. It installs easy and the map remains dry even in a downpour.
I like too that it acts as a sunshield for the radio buttons and also shields the buttons from water to some degree.
I would prefer a more clear plastic (vs. opaque) but I believe it would scratch too easily so this is acceptable. I can store a couple of folded up maps underneath the map that is being displayed and used.
For upkeep just a damp towel to clear the dust off it and inside also to keep it from accumulating dust that could wear/scratch it further.
Hopnel makes great products and this is yet another one.

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Great product

I do not understand why so many had issues with mounting the velcro strap. It loops around the ignition panel right below the key. The bottom twin flaps go under the gas tank door. Simple! I put each weekends' route sheet in it and it is a lot better than taping them to my windshield(which is what I used to do, and the tape damaged my windshield).

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