Non-Lighted Chrome Lower Headlight Intake Accent for GL1800


Non-Lighted Chrome Lower Headlight Intake Accent for GL1800
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LED Lighted OR Unlighted Chrome Accent really looks nice and LED version features brilliant Amber LED running lights for screaming hot performance and safety lighting. No one needs to know it provides visual horsepower only. Very nice looking, especially the LED lighted version while riding at night.

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Wildwood, MO
Formal Wear

Just like adding a bow-tie to a tuxedo. This piece of chrome surely adds a touch of class to the nose of the fairing. It stands out and gets plenty of attention. Very simple to install.

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Stone Mountain, GA
Touch of Class

Just installed the Front LED Accent Grill during my lunch hour. Make sure to test fit it first. Use the new screws supplied to lightly hold the grill in place after activating the adhesive tape backing to make that "one time shot" fit a snug one. Just slide it into position and tighten the screws.

After securing the front grill, the power cable is a cinch to snake up through the fairing to attach to the dual y-connector for the cig lighter. Cig lighter being a switched dc voltage means when the key is in the accessory position the Grill LEDs are on. Kind of like park lights.

Looks nice in daytime and nice at night. Very small LEDs but good output. I don't see a prob with bugs and dirt filling the holes. If it does become a issue I will use a Q-tip.

Saltin Peppa Jr.

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Palm Coast, FL
Looking good!

Installed on my 2013 Wing! And man this looks so good! I'm down at Daytona for bike week and was having some stuff installed by Kury and decided to add this to the list! At the show they charge 35.00 to install anything you buy that day, so I said why not! Looks good during the day but at night it really shines! Get it you won't be sorry about it!

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Fort Worth, TX
Light It Up Baby

This is truly the bomb.
Very nice touch. Makes you bike look like you got money in your pocket even when you might be broke as hell

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Valley Springs, CA
More Bling

Got this in non-led really looks great. The design change to include the existing bolts rather than just adhesive makes it that much more secure.

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