Turn Signal LED License Plate Illuminators w/ Turn Signal Accents


Turn Signal LED License Plate Illuminators w/ Turn Signal Accents
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Each License Plate Illuminator has two L.E.D.’s. The white L.E.D. lights up the license plate, and the rear-facing red L.E.D. can function as an auxiliary running light, turn signal, or brake light for added visibility. The 1/4”- 20 mounting stud makes it simple to bolt them on, wire them in, and ride on!

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Plainland, AU
just a little more light

I have put these straight onto my number plate wiring behind the rear guard. I bought the Kuryakyn tail fin light, so it was easy enough to hook the red wire to the brake wire of the chrome tip. It catches everyone out as one minute they see the white from the light and the next the chrome tips glow red. I like them, they were exactly what I expected

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yes no

I have a 2008 GL1800 I don't like the stock license plate light its to bright white so I used the power wire to wire these. If you cut two notches in the license plate at the top where LED lights go you don't have to take wires out to take license plate off. I wired the red up with marker lights they are to bright if your looking at them from the back so I wired a 3K resistor in line for the red only... Perfect

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Cleveland, OH
Straight Up Garbage!!

Do NOT waste your money on this. You only get the two LED lights and nothing else! You don't get the frame as you see in the picture. And it doesn't light up your plate as shown either. And don't get me started about wiring this thing in. If you ever have to change your license plate, you have to disconnect all the wiring and reconnect. And it's not plug and play. Garbage!!!

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