Beverage Butler Drink Holder

Beverage Butler

Beverage Butler Drink Holder
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Available in 20 oz. or larger 34 oz. size. Beverage Butler includes an insulated heavy duty cup with thick straw and mount to any Goldwing handlebar or passenger version require armrest and mount underneath pad. Replacement cups in 34 oz. and 20 oz. sizes are now available.

Passenger style require passenger armrests on the bike to allow butler cup to mount. If you do not have armrests we also sell the Butler Passenger Kit for use without Armrests.

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Rocky Top
Gray, TN
Great Product

I have had a Butler system on two motorcycles now and would not take a trip without it! 34oz cup keeps you refreshed between stops. One guy stated "it looks stupid." I don't get it because you can move the holder around and if a large cup on your motorcycle "looks stupid" then so be it. At least, I am well hydrated! The company that sells this product really backs it up which helps! Go ahead and "look stupid" as 99.9% of people will agree that is is a great product that is very functional!

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Lawton, OK
This was a really bad idea!

Please do not get me wrong, the cup itself is great, it keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. My problem is with the whole placement on the simply made everything look stupid! Riding down the highway all I could see was this big black cup, no matter where I placed it, it seems to get in the way! Standing back and looking at the bike with this cup installed, it made me realize what everyone was staring at, "This cup makes my 2015 GL1800 Goldwing looks stupid!" I took it off and now keep the cup in the trunk until I can find a better way to make accessible to me while driving.

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Great Cup

I got this back in 2010 and every time I straddle my machine this cup goes with me. Even if it is a short trip around town. I have to have my coffee. Most of the time I use it for hot coffee but sometimes I have used it for a cold Frappuccino. And it does a great job of keeping things hot or cold. I have used this cup for a few thousand miles and it is still like new. Just remember, when your putting the cap on the cup either put your finger over the end of the straw or put that little cap on the end of the straw or the coffee will press up thru the straw and splash all over you if you don't cover the end of the straw

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Tomball, TX
Never Thirsty

I bought one of these in 2008 for my 1st GL1800, moved it to my 2nd GL1800 last year. Wouldn't ride without it. Just take a sip whenever you want. No wear, no problems, keeps stuff cold.

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Callao, VA
Cool Drink

Would not be without this! I take long rides & this keeps me from having to stop, purchase a drink, chug it & be thirsty 20 miles down the road. This is one of the best drink holders to have

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