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Plastic Polish
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Excellent for polishing out scratches in windshields, helmet shields, goggles and colored plastics like side covers and bodywork. Novus #3 removes heavy scratches, Novus #2 polishes out lighter imperfections in lucite and p-lexiglass. Novus #1 cleans and shines plastics. Using all three provides a clean, highly polished static and dust free surface. Sold in 8oz. bottle (sold each). Our all around favorite is the Novus #2 plastic polish, it safely cleans  and removes most hairline scratches that occur on helmet , plastic color match side covers and most surfaces that have a clear coat.
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Big E
Calgary, CA
Great Product at A Great Price

I've used this product for five years and could not be more pleased with it's performance.
I had a deep scratch right in the middle at the top of my windscreen and the fellows at ClearView stated that this product if used properly would take it out. I purchased 1,2,& 3 Novus polishes and it did take it out. #3. is the coarse grit compound once the scratch is removed use use # 2 mild compound to remove the light scratches left from rubbing. Finally use #1 the spray cleaner to make it nice and clear. I use the # 1 after cleaning my screen every time. Great product!

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Wheaton, IL
its not bad

I read the reviews and I thought I would give it a try I bought the heavy duty #3. Does it work great no but it works pretty darn good you have to work at it.I would buy again. Plus the price is right.

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Doesn't work

Tried both heavy and fine and neither one does anything. Save your money and time not worth a crap

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does not work

I followed the instructions on the Novus 2 exactly , the fine scratch remover actually left more scratches that I was trying to get out. Save your money!!!

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Branford, FL
Not worth the money

If you buy the fine scratch remover thinking it will make your windshield like new...forget it. This stuff will not take out scratches, no matter how fine or small. The heavy scratch remover is not designed for windshields. It works okay as a cleaner for bug guts and water spots; but that is it. Would not recommend or buy this product again.

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