Aluminum Trailer Hitch w/ 3" Drop for GL1800

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Aluminum Trailer Hitch w/ 3" Drop for GL1800
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The plug & play isolator wire harness (part #RIGL18007IU) and hitch ball (part #RIGL18007B or RIGL18007C) are sold separately and are required for proper functionality of your trailer hitch. Please see related products below.

Fits GL1800 Gold Wing 2001-2010, Rivco Aluminum Trailer Hitch is super strong and light. Designed to be completely hidden when receiver is removed. Hitch is strong enough to lift the 834.3 lbs GL1800 and does not restrict the ability to remove the rear tire. Machined entirely out of Aircraft Aluminum & weighing only 8 lbs!

Hitches with a 3 inch Drop is for trailers that have tongue heights from 11 to 14 inches, this is compatible with 90% of all trailers. The 6 inch drop is for trailers with a level tongue height of 8-11 inches.


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Jacksonville, FL
Installation Review

I installed this on a friends 2009 GL1800. The installation overall was fairly easy. The drop down rods that connect under the seat pretty much falls into place. A second pair of hands would be helpful to hold the rods for you so they won't slide down or fall through. The most difficult part by far was wedging the "wishbone" between the mufflers. It takes some forceful maneuvering, but it will slip right in with the correct angle of the dangle. You'll be tempted to remove or unbolt your muffler mount, but don't. It's not necessary at all.
The hitch is very light and very strong and performs great when pulling an Aluma XL trailer.

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Great Idem

Does anyone know where you can get a grommet for this ?

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Rick G.
Lime Lake, NY
Great Product

I have pulled trailers for about 20 years, and just got back from a 2500 mile trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway, pulling a trailer with this hitch for the first time. This hitch worked flawlessly. It is well balanced at the ball so the trailer is hardly noticeable behind you. I was impressed with how well made this hitch is.

The installation is NOT overwhelming! The directions are good, just take your time. Cutting the rear fender is easy with the inclosed template.

I did reroute some of the wire harnesses under the seat at the mounting point of the upper struts, (I have the comfort, GPS and premium stereo packages, which has more wiring located here). The struts looked like they may rub through the harnesses at the mounting point above the rear tire after installation. The extra few minutes it took to unplug and move them was worth saving a problem later.

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Rivco Aluminum Trailer Hitch

Installed this Fall 2012. Installtion takes a little time but well worth the effort. Take the most time on the fender cut. Relax, it will look just fine.
Pulled a trailer 1800mi for the first time! Got home pulled the tounge, put reflector in, can't tell there's a hitch on the bike! Great Product!! Recommend it to anyone!

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Oatlands, AU
Quality product with clever design.

I had this for nearly two years before installing as I got cold feet over my choice of aluminium. However, there is now a lot of positive feedback from long term users.

The shaping, welds and fittings are all first class. The whole unit weighs less than the OEM CD player that I removed. Very impressed by the well thought out and precise fit, they've covered everthing. Love the fact that's it's totally invisible when the tongue is removed and fitting/replacing takes minutes.

Towed a single wheel trailer 3000 miles on my first trip with it and it handled it all. Single wheelers put more stresses on hitch that a two wheeler. Big twisting forces a hitch is not really designed for and often, just as much downforce as a heavily laden two wheeler. Great product !

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GL1800 1st Gen 2001-2010