Front Mount Chrome Air Horn Kit

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Front Mount Chrome Air Horn Kit
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Nobody matches Rivco for Air Horn Sound, looks and quality! These air horns give a loud warning blast of 128 decibels. BE SAFE & BE HEARD!

Chrome Air Horns mounts to front right side engine guard and are approximately 4 times louder than most electric motorcycle horns, which usually rate at 87 decibels. Mount to the front right side engine guard and is sold complete with all pre-measured wires & hoses cut to length.

Air compressor creates instant air pressure to the horns and since pressure is created so fast there is no need for a storage tank as on Semi Trucks & RVs. These fit perfect and are made to easliy fit any Honda GL1800 Goldwing.

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Holtwood, PA
Rivco air horns

I bought these horns for my 98 Valkyrie, they were great for the first 2 years (the warranty period), after that the compressor took a crap and the horns didn't work ( having tested them with compressed air). I put wd-40 thru the horns &they worked. Got a new compressor & after another 2 years it crapped out again. I took it off my bike and reinstalled the original electric horn.
Now I have a Goldwing I bought used & it had the Rivco horns on it, well the compressor just crapped out on this one. I went to Pep Boys and they sell a air horn kit for $34,95 with the same EXACT compressor as the Rivco horns. I installed the compressor & we'll see how long this one lasts.

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Bergen, NO
Exelent sound

Used these on my 2000 Honda Valkyrie for many years, have them now on my 2007 GW and on my Valkyrie Interstate. Working perfect.

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Downingtown, PA

After 4 years I had to replace the trumpets. Cost was 76.00. Called Rivco and the person I talked to felt that 4 years was pretty good longevity. Wanted to sell me a new compressor also. Mine still works so I only bought the trumpets. Shipping was quick and replacing them was easy, but I still feel they should last a whole lot longer than 4 years and about 40000 miles.

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Oklahoma City, OK

These are great horns......when they work..... I have purchased 2 complete units now over the past 3 years. I have replaced the compressor once besides. I've tried cleaning, lubricating, etc as instructed but in one word....they are just *unreliable*. Sooner or later...probably sooner...they are going to 'die' when you probably need them most. I'd rather have the stock horns than no horn at all.

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Scranton, PA
A REAL Attention Getter!

I had these installed by the dealer & within a week, the cap of one of the horns fell off on the interstate! Rivco is sending me a new one! The reason I installed these is to wake up inattentive drivers who are chatting, texting, NOT paying attention, or just plain stupid! Especially when it comes to seeing an approaching bike!! I am a retired LEO / accident investigator, so I want to do everything I can to be seen and heard to avoid becoming a statistic!! Some people think loud pipes are better,but my wife & I personally don't want to ride all day listening to them, when we have an unbelievable stereo! Believe me, one shot of these air horns, and you will stop ANYONE from pulling out in front of you! Hint** I had the dealer wire these along with the OEM horn, just in case they fail, I'll still have my stock horn! My honest opinion-- These can be & have been already, a real life saver. I just hope they last a long time, but time will tell! Four stars because the cap flew off, otherwise these are GREAT!

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